Eye Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes


Almond shaped eyes are the most common shape. Almond shaped eyes are slightly upswept at the outer corners. Almond shaped eyes can tend towards round or narrow oval shapes and would then need to be corrected to make them appear proportionateAlmond shaped eyes are of the easiest eye shape to do makeup. They are considered as nicely balanced and are suitable for experimenting with different makeup ideas.


How Can Almond Shaped Eyes be Corrected with Make up?


Effective use of makeup can make almond shaped eyes look proportionate and draw attention to their depth and color. Round shapes can be corrected by use of eye liner to give an elongated appearance while narrow almond eyes can be corrected with make up to create an illusion of more height to the eye.


Use of Color for Making up Almond Shaped Eyes


Bold strokes of eye shadow and eye liner colors can be used for almond shaped eyes. Because of the pleasing shape, a lot of experiments with color can be safely tried on almond shaped eyes.


Colors which Suit Almond Shaped Eyes are




Blue Eyes:       Eye shadow in blue, gray, violet shades

                           Eyeliner in blue, black and charcoal shades


Green Eyes:     Eye shadow in plum, lavender, purple shades

                           Eye liner in shades of dark pink, brown and green


Brown Eyes:    Eye shadow in green, grey and orange

                           Eye liner in black, brown and bronze shades


Method to Make up Almond Shaped Eyes


The basic eye makeup kit should include make up brushes, mascara, eye liner, eye base and eye shadows in light and dark shades. For the purposes of makeup, the eyes are divided into three equal portions: the inner end, the middle and the outer end of the eye.


1. Pluck the eye brows and shape them. The eyebrow should be thicker and drawn in towards the nose and thinner towards the outer end of the eye. The eye brow should not extend over the outer end of the eye.


2. Apply eye base over the eye lids.


3. Apply eyeliner on the upper lid to make the almond eyes appear larger. To make your almond eyes look more round, stop applying eyeliner before the outer corner of the eye.



4. Dab highlighter at the inner end of the eye


5. A fine, straight-edge eye shadow brush should be used to apply shadow to the inner corner of the eye at the lash line. Use a neutral shade of eye shadow in the middle of the eye and at the crease. Use a dark shade of eye shadow at the outer end of the eye till the brow bone.


6. Use two coats of mascara on the eye lashes at the outer end of the eye. Comb the lashes to even out and remove lumps if any.

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