Eye Makeup Ideas

We communicate with our eyes and a pair of sparkling eyes is a sign of beauty in every culture. For those of us who do not have perfect eyes, cosmetics offer us many other ways to highlight the best features. With correct eye make up, a single glance can speak a million words!


A variety of different looks can be created by varying the eye make up colors used. There are different techniques of using eye makeup to appear beautiful irrespective of your natural appearance. The basic steps to eye make up remain the same regardless of the look:


1. Cleanse the under eyes and brow area



2. Pluck eye brows and define the shape


3. Apply an eye base over the eyelids up to the brow bone


4. Use a Concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes


Having Readied the Eyes for Further Make up, Additional Steps to Creating New Looks are


Cat’s Eyes- - This is a look popularized by film stars and is the epitome of glamour. Cat’s eyes emphasize the contour of the eyes with use of dark liners and open up small eyes.


To create perfect cat’s eyes, use a dark eye liner to draw a line along the edge of the upper eyelashes. The line starting from the inner end of the eyelid should be thick in the middle and at the outer end of the eye. Pull the eyelid slightly upwards and extend the line upwards and out. Draw a thin line along the lower eyelids till the outer end of the eye. Use a darker shade of eye shadow from the middle of the eyes till the brow bone and blend well. Apply two coats of dark mascara to complete the look.


Funky Look- This look suits young party goers. To create a fresh, vibrant look team contrasting shades of make up. For example, team bronze or gold eyeliner on the lower lids with purple or blue eye shadow. For evening wear, contrasting shades of metallic eye shadow look good.


Gothic Look- The Gothic look relies on heavy use of dark liquid eyeliner to line the eyes. Deft use of kohl creates a smoky look. Eye shadow colors tend towards black though purple and shocking pink shades also look dramatic. Eye liner is used to create designs at the outer end of the eyes. With the application of glitter to the eyelids with cotton swab the look will be complete and gorgeous.


Glossy Eyes- Glossy eyes go best with fresh skin. For pre teens and teenagers who need minimal make up, a touch of pastel eye shadow on the upper lids is sufficient. A touch of petroleum jelly on the eyelid is all that is needed to complete the glossy eyed look.

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