Eye Shaping with Eye Shadow

Eyes define the beauty of a woman. A perfectly done eye makeup can actually work wonders by changing the shape of your eyes within a span of few seconds. Eye shaping can change the natural shape of your eyes without bothering about the actual shape of your eyes. It can be set to wide set or close set, bigger or smaller as per the need. The vibrant colors can work wonders by highlighting the prominent features of the eyes and by reducing the imperfections.  There is a wide choice of different types of eyeshadow and brushes to do the trick to change the shape of the eyes altogether.


Shapes of Eyes


There are mainly three physical shapes of the eyes viz. oval, almond and round, each carrying a beautiful curve within them. One can enhance the beauty of the eyes by strongly defining one of these shapes with the help of various eye makeup tricks and trends. Remember that you may be having a combination of types and so you should experiment with a few techniques to get the look you want.


Various eye placement shapes are hooded eyes, prominent eyes, drooping eyes, wide set eyes, close set eyes and deep set eyes. The makeup artist generally identifies the shape of the eyes first and depending upon it, the makeup is applied which allows the eyes to look more beautiful and larger than actual.


Eye shaping Techniques for the Different Shaped Eyes


1. Drooping Eyes: use a darker shade of eye shadow for having a drooping look for your eyes. If you wish to go for a double eye shadow makeup then use a darker shade for the area near the crease of your eyes.


2. Almond Eyes: Eyes of this shape has an upswept outer corner. To make almond eyes appear larger, the liner should be limited to the outer portion of the top lid. Almond eyes can be made to look more round by stopping the liner before the outer corner of the eye. The other way is to use a lighter shade or a smudged or smoky look in that area.

3. Round Eyes: Make up can be used to make the eyes look longer. Eyeliner should be extended beyond the eyelid at the outer end of the eyes.  


4. Oval Eyes: To give an oval eye the appearance of more height, create a thin line at the outer corner and gradually thicken it towards the middle of the eye. Towards the inner corner, reduce it again to a fine line..


5. Hooded Eyes:  Apply light shade highlight at the brow bone and at the inner corner of the lash line. Apply a slightly darker shade of eyeshadow over the centre of the eyelid and also the hooded area. Use a darker shade on the outer end and finish with eyeliner to define the lash line.

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