Eye Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

The definition for blood pressure is the force that is applied to the walls of the arteries by the blood running within ones veins and arteries. The blood pressure of a person increases during exercise and is less when the person is not doing anything. However, if the blood pressure reading of a person while resting is high then he is known to be hypertensive.

Blurred vision due to not getting enough blood supply to the eye is a symptom of high blood pressure. There has been a certain link that has been established between high blood pressure and eyesight problems. Research has shown that existence high blood pressure over a period of time will lead to damage to the retina. However, the good news is that the damage that is caused due to high blood pressure to the retina is reversible. This is known as medical retinopathy.
Symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy can be noticed by an eye care specialist by the use of an ophthalmoscope to look for it. The narrowing of the blood vessels could also go on to cause a bleeding in the back of the eye, spots on the retina and swelling of the optic nerve. The severity of the condition depends on the hypertension and whether it is controlled and is graded on a scale of 1 to 4.
The only treatment known of hypertensive retinopathy is to control one’s blood pressure. Once one regulates one’s blood pressure the blood vessels are relaxed and the flow of blood becomes as normal. This enables the eyesight problems to vanish.
Hypertension strikes those who do not exercise and lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke and drink obsessively and do not care for what they eat. All these factors aggravate hypertension and in turn lead to eye related concerns. You must increase the consumption of foods that are rich in potassium, magnesium and Vitamin D. Do not forget to keep your stress levels in check as this will enable you to keep hypertension within limits and save your organs including the eyes.
If you encounter lack of sharpness in your vision and the inability to define fine details then you must have your hypertension levels checked. Blurred vision is an important clue to eye problems possibly related with high blood pressure. Several people are hit by life threatening strokes and heart failures because they do not check their blood pressure levels consistently. The first signs of blurred vision must get you to the physician. Lots of people tend to forget that blood pressure can remain hidden within you for years to come and you not knowing of it but it causing enough damage to your eyes, heart and kidneys.
Constant and persistent headaches especially ones behind your eyes can be a sign of retinopathy. Retinopathy means the narrowing of the blood vessels around the eyes, fluid oozing from the blood vessels, spots on the retina which are known as cotton wool spots and hard exudates and swelling of the macula and optic nerve. The only cure for this is the controlling of hypertension.

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