Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks

Eyeshadow plays a very vital role in eye makeup. Eyeshadow can visually change your eyes shape to look bigger, smaller and wider. Hence in order to have an effective look for your eyes it is very essential that you should select right eyeshadow and colors.


Eyeshadow – Tips & Tricks for Various Eye Types


1. For those who have smaller eyes, use light colors. It will make your eyes look larger while dark colors would give the smaller one. Always put on a light color over the entire lid and put only a small amount of dark shadow in the outer corners.


2. Those who have deeper eyes should apply light or medium eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye to the outer one.


3. For close-set eyes apply light shades on the inner corners and darker shades on the outer halves.


4. To attain smoky eyes look better we should use different colors of eyeshadow. Start with lining both top and bottom lids with a black liner and spot the liner very careful in the outer corners. Then apply eyeshadow over your eyeliner to mince the effective look. For an effective smoky eyes makeup, apply the eyeshadow all over your eyelids and apply mascara. Eyeshadow tips for wide-set eyes.


5. For wide-set eyes, you should underline the inner corners by exploitation darker eyeshadow on the inner corners and lighter eyeshadow on the outer halves.



For Brown Eyes:  To select the correct eyeshadow for brownish eyes is just as significant as choosing the right eye makeup technique. It can make a vast difference in your look and can really emphasize your brown eyes. Want to know which colors compeer the best to brown eyes? Eyeshadow tips for brown eyes


For Green Eyes:  While choosing the eye makeup for green eyes, one should consider conceiving your skin tone as well as your eye color. Different shades of brown, deep purples, plums, lilacs, and dark greens are the great choice for green eyes.


For Blue Eyes: Choose the shades that will contrast with your natural eye color for blue eyes.


General Eyeshadow Tricks


1. While choosing eyeshadows one should consider your skin tone as well.


2. Apply the base color on your eyelids first to open and brighten your eyes, then medium color to give slight depth to your eyes and the most intensive color to shape up your eyes.


3. Always mix well for more natural look without any harsh edges.


4. For an effective evening makeup you could use shimmer to highlight your eyes.


5. To get a perfect look, apply eyeshadow after the eyeliner application.

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