Facial Peel

Facial peel is a chemical treatment, which is cosmetic and is performed by a dermatologist to reduce the visibility of age spots, freckles and other skin related problems. Facial peel can also reduce the young wrinkles which have started becoming visible on the face and will give new life to the skin.

The commercial face peel can be purchased from any medical store or normal beauty shops. These products are a mild mixture of chemicals and acids which help remove the dead skin from the face and help look face fresher, younger and cleaner. The face peel is applied on the face as a very thin layer. It is then allowed to dry out. After it dries out, it is slowly peeled off by hand. Reactions can also happen on the skin so make sure to undergo a skin test before applying the peel on the face.
For a deeper peel, the dermatologist may suggest plastic surgery or suggest a more professional facial peel. This is a very effective type of peel and it goes through layers and layers to lessen the visibility of darker blemishes. This procedure is mostly used for removing scars and marks. This suggestive peel is a very good method of removing wrinkles without complete face lift.
The facial peels have some risks involved in it as well. The chemicals used in these peels can cause leaching of skin, and might also have an infection or might lead to scars. After this kind of facial peel, the face will appear to be swollen which may subside after few days but with professional facial peel it might take more time to heal.
The facial peel used is totally cosmetic in nature and their function is not to slow down the ageing process or to cure skin problems. These mild facial peels can be applied once in three to six months.
Chemical peel is the oldest form of cosmetic surgery in the world started in Egypt and Rome to help people to achieve beautiful and a smooth skin. Chemical facial procedures are the most popular procedures in today’s time. If you want to work on the fine line wrinkles or acne scarring or pigmentation apply chemical facial peel.

Let’s first define what a chemical peel is?

A chemical peel is a form of acid which is used to remove damaged layers of skin. The chemical peel removes the damaged face skin and leaves it rejuvenated and fresh skin. You may also find lessening of face scars, blemishes and wrinkles after application of this chemical facial peel.

Who wants to apply facial peel?

Ideally the people who wants to undergo chemical facial peel is one who have light hair color and very fair. Other candidates could be people who are quite unhappy with thei skin color and appearance and who do not smoke.

Cost of facial peel

The cost od normal chemical peel varies from state to state. But with the deep chemical peel, the cost may vary from doctor to doctor and other operative cost.

Risks involved with Chemical facial peel

There could be some complications but there are risks like infection, change of the skin tome, swelling. The patient can reduce these risks if he follows the instructions of the doctors carefully. 

There are 3 different kinds of Chemical facial peel- light, medium and deep

 Light Chemical Facial Peels 

Light chemical peel is usually used on people to treat wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation. These people just want to benefit out of the chemical peel but do not want to wait long to recover from deep facial peel.

Medium Chemical Facial Peels 

This kind of facial peel is applied on people with darker skin. The procedure and application remains the same. It is also applied to remove scars, blemishes, wrinkles from the face but the patient does not want to wait longto recover as in the case of deep facial peel.

Deep Chemical Facial Peels 

The procedure of this kind of peel takes quite long. It is mainly used on face with coarse wrinkles, blotches and pre-cancerous growths. This procedure requires more healing time than the other two. The substance used in this kind of a treatment is phenol acid. After application of this peel it results in lightening of the skin color. The patient should take advice of an expert before going in for this kind of a peel.

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