Facts About Increasing Obesity In America

There has been a drastic increase in the number of obese in America in the last five years. According to a survey, it was found that almost 250 million people all over the world are facing problems with obesity. America, alone, has lot of obese people despite being the most richest, progressive and advanced country in the world.

America is known as the strongest nation in the world and the pace of life is very fast there. More and more people are becoming obese because of the food they eat. People, who do not concentrate on the nutritional facts they are consuming, are the ones who become obese soon. Due to the busy life and tight schedules, people don’t have time to relax and eat. They consume anything whatever they get at the cafes and restaurants. In fact, eating out is not healthy at all.

Even if you are living in America and have a busy life there, you are advised to focus on what you are eating. Keeping your body fit and healthy will lead you to a healthy life. Today, America is the home of obese people. According to a 20 year survey report, it was proved that the rate of obesity in America has increased by 60% and 33% are adults. The increase in the number of obese will also increase the death rate. Although America government organises health check campaigns, the percentage of obese is not decreasing.

Our eating habits are the main reason that can cause obesity. In America, humans from kids to old age are busy in something or they eat a lot during leisure time. People are not aware of the nutritional facts that they are consuming at the restaurants and food courts. The amount of fats ad calories will be extremely high in the foods served at hotels and restaurants. The diet and lifestyle in America can cause obesity in people. Many people are conscious about their health and find time to work out and do some exercises on a daily routine basis. If you also do some exercises, get involved in physical activities and follow balanced and proper diet plans, you can combat obesity easily no matter you are in America or any other country.

A lot of people love to go to fast foods and eat their favourite burger, ice-cream, desserts, etc. This is one of the ways t become an obese. We must control our eating habits and avoid eating wrong foods as much as possible. The intake of wrong foods for a sustained period of time will cause imbalance in the hormones inside the body which will lead to obesity. Foods available at the fast food court contain lot of calories which is enough to make a person obese. There are hundreds and thousands of eateries and fast food restaurants in America.

The main reason for the increase in obesity in the United States is the lifestyle and eating habits. Though extreme steps have been taken to control obesity, it seems that the increase in the number of obese each year is never going to stop in America.

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