Foods To Increase Your Metabolism


Metabolism is the ability of our bodies to burn the calories that we get from our body. All of us have this quest to increase our metabolic rates so that we can eat more, burn off more calories and hence not gain unsightly fat. Well, there are certain foods that increase our metabolic rates. These foods do have the capabilities to help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism in this simple way by just eating them. They in fact have a name given to them called the negative calorie food.


The greatness of these foods is that you burn more calories by trying to digest them. Therefore, if say you eat 1o calories of these specific foods then you end up burning about 15 to 20 calories by trying to digest and assimilate them. So, let us have a look at these wonder foods so that we can incorporate them in our diet right away.


Diet To Increase the Metabolism


The first on your lists should be fruits. Especially, fruits such as apples, berries, watermelon, grapefruit, all citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and sweet limes.


Secondly, consider specific vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beetroots which enhance your metabolism.


Thirdly, there are certain specific foods that are known to be metabolism boosters. These foods such as chilies, mustard, green tea and foods which have dietary fibers in them are known to help your body’s metabolism mechanism work faster.


Fourthly, drink as much water as possible. It has no calories and will help you digest and convert the food into energy faster so that it does not remain in your body to get converted into fat.


Eat a grapefruit before a meal. Research has shown that people who did this lost more weight than people who didn’t.



Eat more of orange food such as lentil soup, pumpkins to gain more weight loss at the end of a specific period of time.


Include a handful of nuts in your diet. These help you to feel full faster and hence eat less of other things. Nuts speed up metabolism by about 12%.


The best way to jump-start your metabolism engine every start of the day is by having breakfast which is healthy. Breakfast consist of enough variants of all kinds of foods.


Throughout the day try and include dark green leafy vegetables, fish, tomatoes, blueberries, whole grains in your diet. These food are known for their health inducing qualities as well as the ability to burn more calories.


At the same time there are foods that you must avoid if you don’t want your metabolism to turn sluggish. These are sugary foods such as candy, cokes, chocolates consumed throughout the day.


Consume less of alcohol and tobacco. Do not have refined carbohydrates as these will straight away get converted into fat. Do not form the habit of skipping any meals. This will make your body go into starve mode and hence encourage it to store up fat. Do not binge on unhealthy snacks such as fried foods. Eat small meals of vegetable sticks, fruits such as apples, brown bread sandwiches.

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If you get up at 6am, you have breakfast at about 7am, a snack at 10am, lunch at 1pm, a snack at 4pm, and dennir at 7pm.If you have a different daily rythm, don't have the meal everyone else is having at the same time as them. You should adjust your meals according to your own rythm.If you get up at 4am, have breakfast at 5am etc. If you get up at noon, it's breakfast at 1pm etc. Was this answer helpful?
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