Foot Care

If you need to judge a person in terms of his hygiene simply take a look at his feet. In fact the feet give you an overall picture of a person’s general cleanliness. In other words the cleanliness of the feet plays an important role in judging overall personality. Therefore consciously or unconsciously everyone wants to have fresh, healthy and beautiful feet. This is not a very difficult task. Regular cleaning, scrubbing and moisturizing it can make your feet beautiful and healthy. Therefore, foot care is very important and should be taken with seriousness. Foot care would also mean selecting proper shoes for your feet so that they are as comfortable in your feet as possible giving feet space to breathe. There are lot of tips on foot care and some of them are as follows:


Foot Care Tips


Dip your feet in Luke warm soapy water everyday. Scrub it softly and then wash it finally with cold water. Dry the feet properly with towel. One dry, apply foot care cream or some good body moisturizer.


Foot care is very important to take care off as one takes care of their body skin. Therefore, if your feet gets wet, dry it properly with a towel and take proper are to dry it between your toes.


Another very important point about foot care is purchasing shoes. Normally buy shoes towards the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen. If the shoes you plan to buy is comfortable at that hour of the day, then that shoe would be comfortable throughout the day.


Another foot care tip is that while wearing open sandals apply sunscreen lotion so that your feet does not show uneven tanning once you come back from heat.


Another foot care tip is that; soak your feet in soapy water. Keep your feet in that water for few minutes. Scrub your heel carefully and gently with a scrubber so that all the dead skin is removed and you get a softer heel once you dry your feet.


Another foot care tip is that wash you feet properly, dry them with soft towel and apply moisturizer properly especially the harder portion of the feet i.e., heels.


Another foot care tip is that do not apply moisturizer between your toes. The skin is very soft and it might result in pealing the skin in that area

Yet another foot care tip is that it is very important to keep your feet dry which can be done by applying some foot care powders specially designed for feet.


There is a very natural way to care for your feet. It is quite simple. The ingredients needed are: 1 cup of lemon juice, some cinnamon powder, some olive oil, milk, water and tub. There are simple steps to follow which is a good pedicure to keep your feet healthy and breathing:


Warm some water and fill the tub with it. Add olive oil, cinnamon powder, milk and mix well. Put the feet in the tub and allow it to be soaked for 10-15 minutes. After that wash your feet with soap, wash properly and dry with towel. After the feet has completely dried, apply foot cream or powder specially made for feet.


Better Blood Virculation


For better blood circulation in your feet just follows simple steps like:


1. Stretch yourself if you are sitting for a long time


2. Pulling up your feet when sitting or lying down


3. Take a foot massage


4. Take warm foot bath


5. Some more Foot Care Tips


6. Try to avoid shoes that do not fit to avoid unnecessary pressure on your feet


7. Keep your feet covered in cold temperature


8. Do not site crossed leg for a long period of time


9. Strictly no to smoking


10. Points to keep in mind while buying shoes:


11. Measure your feet before buying any shoes as your feet grows as you grow older


12. Buy your shoes at the end of the day as your feet are maximum swollen by that time.


13. Normally one foot is larger than the other, therefore, try out your shoes first in the larger feet.


14. Do not go by the size number printed in the shoe. Every company has different sizes. Always try out the shoes before buying it.

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cool tips bcoz my mom always finding some interesting beauty tips on net............
by muhammad zeeshan     19-Feb-2012
cleaners do both. And no matter how much we try to clean our face and prevent dirt, it'll come back do you have an oily face? Just asking. If you do it's good to use an astringent. It's really strong, but it works.
by David     06-Aug-2012

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