Foot Care Tips


Most of the world population has got serious foot problems at some point of time in their life, where very few portion of the population is born with foot problems. Others who were born with perfectly good feet develop foot problems due to lack of their attention and awareness of the importance of well-maintained feet. Typical foot problems include sores, athlete’s foot, cuts, ingrown toenails, bunions, calluses and plantar warts. To avoid most of these problems let us see some good foot care tips or habits including but not limited to daily inspection of the feet, toes and toenails.


Foot Care Tips


1. Wash your feet in warm water every day. Dry your feet very well. Be sure to dry between the toes.


2. Wear shoes and socks at all times.  Never walk with bare foot.  Wear always comfortable shoes that fit well and protect your feet. Trim your toenails periodically.


3. First feel inside your shoes before putting them on each time to make sure the lining is smooth and there are no objects inside. Check thoroughly once again your shoes and socks and make sure that your shoes and socks are always clean.


4. Look at your bare feet every day for cuts, blisters, red spots, and swelling. Make sure to treat them in the proper way.



5. If your feet are at low risk for problems, use a pumice stone to smoothen the corns and calluses. Don’t use counter products or sharp objects on corns or calluses.


6. Put your feet up while sitting.  Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day.  Don’t cross your legs for longer periods of time as it would arrest the blood circulation. Make sure that the blood is flowing to your feet always.


7. Work with your health care team to keep your blood sugar within a good range. Always be more active.


8. Protect your feet from hot and cold.  It is necessary to wear socks and shoes, while walking on hot pavement. Similarly wear socks when your feet feel cold.


9. Call your doctor right away if you find a cut, sore, blister, or bruise on your foot that does not begin to heal after one day. Follow your doctor’s advice about foot care.


10. Use a good moisturizing cream for massaging your feet every night.


11. Walking is considered good for the feet as well as for general health. Choose footwear made of leather or canvass that will allow the feet to breathe and shoes should be changed at intervals. Change socks everyday.


By following the above foot care tips sincerely, anyone can have a pair of healthy and beautiful looking feet.

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