Free Botox

Did you know that every year, about 2,800,000 Botox treatments are taken in the US alone? Botox is the most popular and most sought after procedure that accounts for more than one fourth of all treatments that are taken in a year. 

In the face of such popularity there is a lot of competition in the sales, each company that deals with Botox, trying to outdo the other. It comes as no surprise then that many companies have offers of free botox for promoting their product.  

Free Botox for volunteers

Botox can effectively control the messy problem of excessive sweating. Taking a Botox treatment for reducing under arm sweating can keep the problem at abeyance for half a year or even for one and a half years. 
Getting these injections from a trained physician will always benefit a person better. When there is a free Botox offer from such physicians, you can volunteer and help them popularize the safe and effective way to get rid of a tiresome problem.  

Botox parties

Another way of advertising a Botox product is to arrange for botox parties. This is how you go about it. 
  • Identify all your friends, family and work station acquaintances who are keen to get a Botox treatment at your home
  • Consult a dermatologist willing to perform the procedure at your home
  • Consult both your guests and the dermatologist for a convenient date, and time to have the party
  • Usually most doctors and your friends would prefer a Sunday evening for the same. It would be convenient and refreshing to get the injection on Sunday and go to work on Monday looking younger and prettier.
  • Discuss the cost involved both with the specialist and your friends and if need be collect the advance amount before-hand.
  • You are now eligible for a free Botox treatment, as a complimentary offer for introducing your friends for the same. 
  • Many dermatologists offer 20 to 30 units of Botox, or a quantity of any preferred dermal filler to the host of the Botox party.  

Unemployed women eligible for free Botox

Another remarkable way of promoting the injection is to offer a free procedure to those who are unable to afford it, like unemployed women. In all states of the US, plastic surgeons have hit upon the idea of giving free botox injections to women who seek it but cannot afford it due to financial constraints. 
Besides helping these happy by making them look younger, the doctors become successful in popularizing their work. The advantages for those who get the injections are
  • Women become more confident to attend interviews
  • Middle aged women stand on an equal footing with younger, attractive candidates for a potential job with their botox treated looks
  • The good news is that most of the free Botox drives are conducted in clinics that have state of the art equipment, reputed doctors and a professional attitude towards the endeavor; the results of the drive are very effective aesthetic and extremely satisfactory for the women
Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the US, attracting hundreds of customers every year. It is effective in removing wrinkles for a temporary period making you look young and prettier.Offering free Botox, therefore, is an intelligent strategy to advertise Botox treatment clinics. 

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how can i get free botox
by linda mccormack     19-Feb-2012
were can i get free botox for wrinkles,undereyes, sagging neck etc... i live in indiana.
by darlene     19-Feb-2012
where are these clinics who give free botox injections in new jersey? Please let me know. Thanks
by Tara     19-Feb-2012
I am looking to have my face/neck done at an affordable price. On a limited income and can't spend big bucks. I only want treatment around the mouth are and the neck area. If I could get a $$$$$ amount for these service I would appreciate an email. Thank you. I got a quote from Sculptedfigures but couldn't afford the price.
by Shelvia Ettinger     19-Feb-2012
i live in lithgow nsw australia where can i go to get free botox as i am unemployed and would love to try it.
by amanda dakers     23-Mar-2012
Hi, my name is mavis and I live in boksburg south africa, and I will be glad as an african woman to be given a chance of using your product since am not working. thank you
by mavis     20-Dec-2012

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