General Information About Obesity And Diabetes

Our body becomes insulin resistant if we are obese. Obesity is absolutely a health hazard that can even lead to death.

New research and study have found out that there is a link between obesity and diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most vital diseases caused due to obesity. On 21st of Jun, 2009, journal Nature published an article about how obesity can cause diabetes and it was set to campaign awareness about health and stay away from chronic diseases. The study also proved that thin people can also become insulin resistant.
A University in Monash has proved that obesity is directly linked with type2 diabetes, which is one of the chronic medical conditions caused. According to the study about the link between diabetes and obesity, it was found that PEDF is released in the blood and it helps the liver as well as the muscle fibres to resist insulin. In order to counteract the negative effects of the body mass, the pancreas will supply more insulin into the body. Diabetes is a serious health hazard and it has to be treated properly on time.
Obesity and Diabetes
Obese are said to be less sensitive to insulin. Hence, in order to stay away from diabetes, a fat person needs greater amount of insulin in the body. This enhances the flow of blood through the veins easily, which does not give much pressure on the heart. Obese people are not only affected by diabetes, they also suffer from cardiovascular diseases. The body of an obese person requires more insulin so as to fight diabetes. However, the patients can benefit out of the connection between diabetes and obesity.
Various researches have been conducted so as to find a solution to control diabetes. Diabetes can happen through other diseases in the body too, but it is directly related to obesity. There is a great chance for an obese to get diabetic if proper care and treatment is not given on time. The top researchers have found out that insulin, inside a human body, is promoted by obesity. The amount of excess fats accumulated in the body make it insulin resistant and every time, the dose increases so as to get the proper effect of the drug.
If a person is fasting, the liver produces fuel glucose which acts as a fuel for the body. Every obese is not insulin resistant and there are chances for non-obese to turn insulin resistant. Diabetes is considered as one of the chronic diseases caused by obesity. In order to control being overweight or obese, it is a must to follow strict diet plans as instructed by the health and fitness expert. Though a non-obese person can have diabetes, fat people are more likely to become a diabetes patient. The number of obese people turning into diabetic is comparatively more as per the survey that was conducted by the American government.
Recently, the most common diabetes is type2 diabetes, which is found in young people as well as the old people. However, every study has proved that obesity is related to diabetes.

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