Genitalor butt Acne Causes

The most common site of acne is face. However, it can also occur in the back, abdomen, arms, thighs, groin area and buttocks. Genital acne can occur in men and women as well. This is also called genital lumps acne or Hidradenitis Suppurativa. The cause of genital acne is same as for the other forms of acne. When the hair follicles are clogged with the sebum produced in excess and the dead skin cells, it causes acne. The clogged spot also becomes a breeding site for bacteria. Due to bacterial infection the skin inflammation occurs, causing a severe form of acne. Acne on genital parts should not be mistaken for a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), but you should visit your doctor to rule out this condition. Sports persons are more prone to genital acne than others. Anyway the main cause of genital acne is not unclean habits, but clogging of the pores in the skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive, you may experience much irritation in the affected area.  


How To Get Rid of Genital Acne


Usually sweat is the cause of genital acne. Your tight fitting clothes could cause high sweats. It is caused by some sports equipment also. You have to therefore clean the genital area with soap and water on a regular basis. Some laundry soaps can also cause acne. You have to stop using these soaps and watch the condition. The problem of genital acne can be solved by using specific antibacterial creams meant for this purpose. You can also get rid of genital acne by using an antibacterial cleanser. However, keep the groin area dry and clean to prevent acne. 


Butt Acne and Its Treatments


People having genital acne may also have butt acne simultaneously. Butt acne causes much pain. You should use a proper cream to treat this acne. If you have butt acne, sitting will be a nightmarish experience for you. It is found that benzoyl peroxide gels and creams are very effective in treating this acne. In addition to treating your acne with medications, you should also follow certain precautions. To counter the genital and butt acne, you should use the right medication. You should use it for some more time after the disappearance of acne. You should not give any let up during the course of medication. The course of treatment with medications is usually for one or two months. You should use the medicines exactly as directed by your physician. Do not squeeze or pop the pimples and the cysts, otherwise it may lead to complications. Squeezing or popping of pimples or cysts can spread the bacteria over other areas of the skin and finally leave scars on the affected area of the skin. 


Butt acne is used to be more severe. They are usually big in size. They also cause immense pain. They also cause much discomfort to the affected person. Butt acne can be irritating too. Chemicals especially affect butt acne. Change your bath soap and detergent to check for improvement. Cure of butt acne may take more time because of the constant irritation. As in the case of genital acne, right medication and cleanliness are very essential to get rid of butt acne.

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