Guide to Foot Care and Foot Problems

Foot care is one of the important things in a person’s life. We can see that there are many types of foot problems faced by the people. The first sign of serious medical conditions are starts with problems of feet. We should be careful about these problems such as diabetes, arthritis, nerve, and circulation disorders.   Practicing good foot care is very important in a person’s life. One should check your feet regularly or should ask the members of your family to check it.  Primary care doctors and podiatrists are capable of treating most of the foot problems. In some cases special skills of a dermatologist or an orthopedic surgeon are required.

This will help to keep blood circulating into your feet as much as possible. You can do this by keeping your feet up when you are lying down or sitting, stretching if your are sitting for a long time, having a gentle foot massage, walking, or should take a warm foot bath. Try to wear well fitting shoes and get rid of the pressure. Do not expose your feet to cold temperature. Do not sit with crossed legs for a long time. No smoking recommended.
If we are wearing fit and comfortable shoes we can prevent a lot of foot ailments. We all know that the size of the feet changes from time to time as we grow older, so always measure your feet before buying shoes. End of the day is the best time to measure your feet because our feet will be larger. Most of the people have one larger foot than the other, so try to fit your shoes to the larger one. Avoiding selecting the shoes by seeing the size marked in it; instead buy the one that fits your foot. Select a shoe that suits the shape of your foot. While buying a shoe make sure that there is more space for the longest toe at the end of the shoe when you stand up. Also be sure that the ball of your foot fits well into the widest part of your shoe. Never buy shoes that are tight to your feet, expecting that it will stretch after sometime. Heels should fit comfortably in the shoes with some amount of slipping; shoes should never ride up and down on the heel when you are walking. Walk and find out whether the shoe fits well on you before buying it. When you buy a new shoe you should try and walk in it and make sure you are comfortable with it.

The upper portion of the shoes must be made of a flexible and soft material to match the shape of your foot. Try to use a shoe made of leather which can reduce skin irritations. Soles should not be slippery and should have a solid footing. Thick soles give a cushion effect to your feet when you are walking on a hard surface. Try to use low-heeled shoes because they are safer, more comfortable, and less damaging than high-heeled shoes.
There are lot of common foot problems that can be handled if we are taking care of the foot well. Fungal and bacterial conditions arise if we are spending a lot of time in our shoes. These fungus and bacteria can cause redness, dry skin, blisters, peeling, and itching. If we are not treating it properly, the infection will be hard to cure and it may reoccur. We can prevent this infection by keeping the foot clean, mainly the area between the toes, which should be clean and dry.
Dry skin is a major problem and it causes burning and itching of the feet. Use mild soap to wash your legs and apply moisturizing cream or lotion on your legs and feet regularly. Warts are another kind of skin problem and are caused as skin growth by viruses. They are painful and if you are not treating them properly they may spread, so better consult a doctor.
Bunions are formed when the joints in your big toe will not fit together as they should and become tender and swollen. Bunions are hereditary. If it is not severe we can treat them by taping the foot, wearing pads which cushion the bunion and give a relief from pain, or special kinds of shoes. If you are consulting a doctor he will prescribe cortisone injection for pain and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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