Hair Colour and Hair Loss

Hair styles have become an important part of the entire fashion look. Fashionistas change their look with different haircuts, textures and hair colour. Of all the styling options available today, hair colour probably is the one which changes a person’s entire look dramatically. It is easy to change the natural hair colour using convenient hair colours available across the counter.  


A person can go through changes colouring their hair blonde, brown or red. Highlights and streaks are fast gaining in popularity among people of all age groups.


Aestheticians advise the use of hair colour or highlighting products to create the illusion of thicker or lustrous hair. People suffering from premature greying use hair colour to cover the grey and to match the grey hair to the natural hair colour. This helps in giving a younger appearance.  


 People with prolonged use of hair colour complain about hair loss after colouring their hair. Hair falls off in clumps and aggravates existing scalp disorders. The hair loss continues for as long as the use of hair colouring products continues. Often the ingredients in the hair colour are so harsh that it causes scalp burns and destroys the hair follicles permanently. This leads to bald patches of scalp where hair grows sparsely or in coarse tufts.


Cause of Hair Loss With Hair Color


Hair colour contains harsh chemicals like peroxide, ammonia and phenylenediamine which weakens and ultimately destroys the hair follicles .Alcohol content in the hair colour may dry the hair strands excessively and aggravate an existing condition.


As the first line of treatment, people suffering from hair loss should stop the use of hair colours .Use of natural colours like henna may be used or the natural hair colour may be retained.


Often, women with hair loss resort to cutting their hair short. As the weight of hair reduces, so does the pressure on the scalp, leading to lesser hair loss.


Cure for Hair Loss Due to Hair Colour


The first step to be taken is to stop using hair colour altogether. As the chemicals already present in the hair shafts of coloured hair wash off with repeated hair washes and shampoos, the existing strands get a chance to renew them.


The second line of treatment is to use scalp moisturisers to soothe scalp irritation and burning.


Hair restoratives containing Minodoxyl may be prescribed to stimulate the hair follicles and speed the rate of hair growth .

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