Hair Loss Medicine and Low Sex Drive

The connection between hair loss medicine and low sex drive has been derived through a recent research study. Around ninety two percent of the men who participated in the study claimed that they are experiencing low sex drive after having hair loss medication. The side effects of the medication persist for around two years after stopping the usage of hair loss medication. Propecia is a prominent mediation that is often prescribed for people suffering from pattern baldness. This condition is basically genetic in nature, and it is caused primarily due to the inability of the body to produce hair. Women can also experience pattern baldness, especially after the start of menopause as the growth of the hormone, testosterone starts increasing in the body.

Propecia is prescribed for pattern baldness because it can control the growth of hormones which results in hair loss. Every patient should be aware of the side effects of propecia before using the same. Minoxidil is another medicine which is prescribed for hair loss. The intensity of side effects of this medication is not the same for every user. The minor side effects of minoxidil are itching and development of dandruff in the scalp. Some individuals might experience mild itching whereas some people might experience extreme itching. There are various kinds of shampoos like Nizoral which have been developed in order to combat side effects such as itching and dandruff.
The dosage of minoxidil is decided by the doctor and patients should follow the prescribed dosage. Some people try to experiment with the dosage of minoxidil in the hope that they will be able to experience the results faster but one should strictly follow the dosage suggested by the doctors or else the side effects might get severe. Minoxidil should not be stopped, once a person starts to experience hair growth, as hair loss might start to begin if the patient stops using minoxidil as it might cause imbalance in the hormones. The success rate associated with minoxidil is quite high, and many people prefer this medication over propecia, because the former does not induce loss of libido. Many people do not know the side effects of propecia, and one should always gather details about a medication before trying it. Low sex drive is one factor which stops many people from using this medication for hair loss. Propecia, should be used only after consulting your doctor and eventually you need to decide whether you are prepared to experience the side effects of this medication for hair loss.

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