Hair Loss Problem for Women and its Cause

We often associate baldness or hair loss to men. But do you know that this is also a common problem to women?

It may be unusual to see or hear females worrying about losing hair however; studies show that one in four women experience hair loss. You may wonder why hair loss is not noticeable or obvious to women compared to men. Losing hair to women may not be too severe than when men lose hair. Some women lose hair evenly, not just in one area of the head.
The causes of hair loss to women are similar to men. The most usual types are Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata and Telogen Effluvium.
Androgenetic Alopecia or Pattern Baldness, to females this is known as female-pattern baldness. This is ordinary to both males and females. Hair loss begins at the front of the scalp and overtime hair gets thin at the crown of the head. Luckily, for women this does not lead to complete baldness. Some studies show that female-pattern baldness occurs to women due to genetic factors such as this is inherited from family members. Some suggest that this is due to hormones and those females experiencing this have a tendency to develop endocrine disorders.
Alopecia Areata also known as spot baldness is typify by losing hair in certain area of the head. If not given proper medical treatment this may lead to body hair loss. Research suggests that this is hereditary while some studies show that this is due to the disorder in the immune system. Emotional stress can also cause spot baldness. There are various treatments for this type of hair loss, especially the less severe ones. Ointment or cream can be applied to the affected area, while some may opt for steroid injection.
Telogen Effluvium or hair shedding is the slow growing of hair on the scalp. Hair shedding can be caused by different factors. The common ones are pregnancy specifically after giving birth, physical trauma, immunization, poor diet and stress. Just like spot baldness, this is also curable.

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