Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Hair removing during pregnancy might be an issue with the pregnant ladies who are not at all happy with the extra hair growth that is sometimes visible. Some may also be worried regarding the risks that a laser hair removal would bring about for women trying to raise up a family.

Is it wise to go for such a treatment of hair removal is the question nowadays from several ladies who are health conscious? Several pregnancy problems exist like pregnancy marks, etc but a problem that is of greater concern is the unwanted growth of hair that is noticeable. The main reasons behind these problems, to list a few like headaches, body ache, morning sickness, heartburn and insomnia exist which are due to hormonal transformations that take place during pregnancy within the body.
To resolve all these issues, an insight into laser hair removal treatment would be required.
Laser removal of hair works by the transmission of intense streams of laser that would target the hair follicle. To be able to reach up to the root of the hair, laser beam must enter skin not more than few millimetres. Hence, there is no risk involved that light or beam from laser would cause harm to the baby that is developing.
Laser light to an extent is like x-ray, the exposure to which is external. The pregnant woman who is healthy has a birth risk of only 3% but 15% chances of miscarriage. This risk cannot be altered by anyone. Even proofs do not exist as to whether these risks could be curbed by laser.
The next question is pertaining to conception. As to whether laser treatment would be safe while one is starting off to have a family else on its due course she becomes pregnant, while still numerous laser procedures are pending for her to undergo. Answer to this is, laser does not harm the baby that is due to be born hence can be carried on.
Last and nevertheless the least a query exists as to the usage of medication that has got pain relief. Extreme care must be taken even before the start of any of these medicines to treat hair removal during pregnancy because of the risk of certain tablets in the due course of pregnancy.
The advantage being no anaesthesia is provided during the treatment except an external cream for soothing will be employed which will desensitize the skin on the outwards with no contact on the baby that is developing. The procedure of safe and ultra-modern laser appliances along with significant cooling has minimised the requirement for anaesthetic amidst this procedure.
For ladies who are first-time moms, this hair removal procedure might be painful due to their high sensitivity towards pain and mood swings.
Due to the dangers related to hair removal during pregnancy, these cosmetic clinics do not encourage pregnant patients. Wait to carry on with this procedure till the birth of the baby.

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