Hair Removal With Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are not as common as they once were. The first models that were manufactured were mostly manual and not electric. A battery was not required. The user was required to manually maneuver the tool in such a manner that the blades would move in the desired fashion.

Older models of electric shavers do not require the user to apply water or cream. Only those who had dry skin could use electric shavers. However, currently, a majority of electric shavers are used with the help of a shaving gel or cream.

The idea of an electric shaver and its features have changed and developed over the years. Before it could be used only on dry skin but today the use of shaving cream is almost essential.

Features of electric shavers designed for women

Those electric shavers that cater specifically to the needs of women are comparatively less expensive than those that are used by men. The main reason for this gap is that mostly women require an electric shaver for the purpose of removing hair that grows on their legs and armpits. Men on the other hand use it for areas that experience the development of thick, coarse hair. Due to this reason, women’s shavers do not need to be as advanced. Therefore, the cost is not as steep.

Those electric shavers that cater to the needs of women also sport rotating heads. This allows the users to get rid of armpit hair in an easier manner.

If men want to achieve the same results of smooth skin as that produced by a manual shaver, they must follow a few steps. These tips are not difficult to follow and definitely ensure that men are able to sport a cleaner look.

1-It is important to ensure that the razor is not only sharp but also clean. Electric shavers come equipped with screens that can benefit the user by getting removed. This is necessary as it allows the removal of old hair that has been removed. The screen also allows the removal of dust and other debris. It is important that the razor is as clean as possible because otherwise it may clog the pores, leading to pimples and acne. The cutter must also be changed every once in a while to ensure the same.

2-Before the user begins using the electric shaver, the skin must not only be clean but also dry.
3-The electric shaver must be used in the direction that is opposite to that of the direction of the hair growth. This allows easy removal.

4-If one is happy with the results of an electric shaver; they must stick to it and not constantly switch between a manual one and an electric shaver. This can cause serious skin problems as the skin needs time to get used to any kind of hair removal practice. If one is not careful about this, the skin might break out and also result in painful cuts and abrasions.

Very few people today use electric shavers. Statistically, this adds up to about 30% of all males and 10% of all females.

The following could be the reasons for it unpopularity

  1.  A large number of people hold the belief that a clean and smooth look can only be achieved with the help of a manual razor as they are able to maneuver it as they want.
  2. Prolonged use of electric shavers can lead to the development of ingrown hairs which can cause further skin problems.
  3. The cost is another factor. Electric shavers are definitely more expensive than manual shavers.

However, a large number of people also swear by electric shavers. Their reasons could be

  1. Electric shavers are convenient to use and can be carried wherever needed. Manual shavers on the other hand, require the use of water and shaving gel. Therefore, they are not as portable in this regard.
  2. Manual razors often lead to the appearance of cuts and abrasions which can be very painful and can lead to infections. Electric shavers on the other hand do not lead to any such problems. Safety is ensured in this case.
  3. Electric shavers also come equipped with accessories and attachments that allow the user to focus on other parts of the face such as the sideburns and other facial hair.

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