Harmful Effects Of Birth Control pills

Most of the women use ‘birth control pills’ in order to prevent the unwanted pregnancies. But these pills are the safe choice for the birth control and this may also cause some side effects which are harmful indeed.


Some of the harmful and serious effects of ‘birth control pills’ are:


1.   Smoking is strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies, if after this caution most of the ladies go for smoking. Such ladies if they frequently take ‘birth control pills’, the end result is cancer.

2.   If a young girl takes these pills, then one might experience the infection of acne yeast which is completely difficult to cure.

3.   Woman will gain a weight of 12 pounds when she intakes a pill.


4.   When a woman takes a pill for birth control, cysts formation is caused in the ‘breasts’ which makes them tender and more painful to touch.

5.   Blood clots can be caused rarely when the woman use pills for birth control. Blood clot can also occur in a vein or in artery and the symptoms vary depending on clot location. These clots are also caused in the legs or abdomen or even in lungs or heart and it may also leads to stroke, heart disease, clotting tendency and problems of blood pressure.

6.   Regularly consuming pills for birth control leads to shortness of breathing and the chest pain.

7.   These pills might lead to problems like: vision loss, blurred vision or leg pain.

8.   When a woman uses heavy dosage of pills for birth control, she might suffer from breast cancer which is most dangerous.

9.   Women may also suffer from high blood pressure.

10.  One may suffer from liver cancer and the disease in the gall bladder, if they consume pills in large amount.

11.  When there is heavy consumption of pills, one may experience the problems like: ‘reduced satisfaction’ in the sex, cervical dysplasia and heart problems.

12.  It can also result in abortion after ingestion of pill.

13.  Some of the harmful effects are: irregularity in monthly menstruation and headaches, breast tenderness and dizziness. And other effects are weight gain in hand and nausea feeling.

14.  When a woman is at risk while intake of ‘birth control pills’, it is better to use other types of preventions like: spermicides and the condoms.

15.  Bacterial infections are also caused.

16.  This pill weakens the ‘immune system’ which can also allow the HIV AIDS virus to enter in.

17.  These pills may lead to ectopic pregnancy, abdominal pain, Skin irritation, weight gain, Breast swelling and many more.

18.  Problems are caused when wearing the contact lenses, Nervousness, Abdominal cramps, Dizziness, Leg cramps and Mood changes when contraceptive pills are taken.


Pills are of different brands which contains estrogen and progestin. The benefit of this pills helps in the prevention of endometrium cancer and the ovarian cancer. It also prevents from reduction of cramps during menstrual cycle and the cyst formation in the ovaries which prevents ovulation. It is the best option to consult the medical professional or the health professional in order to take ‘birth control pills’.

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