HArmful Side Effects Of Bleaching

We all know what is bleaching but we really don’t bother about what exactly are the Harmful effects of bleaching. First let me tell you what is bleaching, bleaching is basically the method of lightening the colour of the hair of the skin to match the colour of the skin. This method of applying bleach is not difficult and can be applied by home also very easily. Before knowing the Harmful effects of bleaching let me tell you some way that how you can bleach at home. In market bleaching kits are easily available and it contains a cream and an activator powder. By mixing these two ingredients in the right proportion then it is easy to apply. Soon we will be seeing the Harmful effects of bleaching. The Harmful effects of bleaching are many and let us discuss the few of them.

Harmful Effects Of  Bleaching


Harmful effects of  bleaching include mainly two substances which are present in these are hydroquinone and mercury. Hydroquinone is very harsh chemical present in the bleach which makes the cell of our skin completely dead and this if once happens cannot ever be repaired. Also the Harmful effects of bleaching are also seen if you start bleaching your skin at a very young age that is may be below the age of twenty. So let me tell you the Harmful effects of bleaching if you start bleaching below the age advised. As this is a young age you skin is very tender and delicate and thus the chemicals present in the bleach have many harmful effects on the skin and bleaching for first time may suit some and may not suit some so if it is having negative effects on you then stop using it completely.

Harmful Bleaching Effects On Skin


Bleaching as such is very commonly used thing but there are some Harmful effects of bleaching which most of us might not be aware of. So at a young age if you use bleaching methods then you may face severe itching, if such happens remove the bleach immediately and do not ever reapply on that place again. So this is one of the other Harmful effects of bleaching. Other Harmful effects of bleaching are also there. So another effect may also be such that many people face the problem of skin darkening after they bleach. Usually in people with a naturally dark skin tone when they use bleach their skin becomes light only for some time.

Teeth Bleaching

Also the Harmful effects of bleaching can extend up to such as that it may spoil texture of your skin causing pimples which may be for prolonged time. Also now day’s people also go in for teeth bleaching or teeth whitening which is a common dental procedure. Let me tell you some Harmful effects of bleaching your teeth. The bleaching kits for teeth are easily available in market. So the Harmful effects of bleaching are that suddenly pain may arise from the teeth or even tooth decay so in such cases mostly root canal can be done. So other Harmful effects of bleaching are that it may cause discoloration of the teeth and can cause dental hypertension.

A Simple Recipe For Bleaching

Some ways to avoid Harmful effects of bleaching are that instead of bleaching do natural ways such as papaya pulp when applied on face is a good and natural bleaching agent. Also the thin skin of tomato can also be applied on face. Tea also acts as good bleach. So I want to say that all natural bleaching agents must be put. Also bleaching a lot and more frequently can cause cancer of many types. So you know now how bleaching can be to look good but it has tremendous harmful effects. Also lemon juice is a very good bleaching agent and is used in many forms to eat. I would like to give you a simple recipe for bleaching at home. Mix some black gram or gram flour in water and apply on face, let it dry and see the results. Also papaya pulp and milk are very good and must be massaged for ten minutes continuously on the face. Even fuller’s earth powder or sandal wood powder with rose water if applied on face and kept till dried will give a nice bleached effect. 


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Hello sir/mam.. thanks for your suggestions. Here i have one doubt..we all know that every fairness cream consists of some bleach, so what happens if we apply that kind of cream daily to the face.
by shireesha     18-Mar-2012
hi...mr/mis........please give suggestion to above shrieesha qustion...........mine doubt also is that..
by Prakrithi     26-Apr-2012
We would suggest you to avoid fairness creams and adopt natural skin lightening agents like lemon, papaya etc. Though natural ways take longer time to effect but they are devoid of harmful effects
by skinsheen     04-May-2012

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