Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills


People struggling to lose weight use diet pills for this purpose. The diet pills are strong and powerful drugs. Even the prescription diet pills can cause harmful side effects. However, the advantages that these pills can provide should be weighed against the harmful effects they can cause. 


Careful Evaluation Required Prior Starting of Diet Pills


Decision of starting diet pills should be taken only after a careful consideration of the side effects they can cause in you. Many types of diet pills are available and each has its own potential to cause dangerous side effects. 


Dependence Due to Diet Pills: Stimulant based diet pills develop dependence on them in the course of their usage. There are possibilities that you can be habituated to taking these diet pills irrespective of your conditions including the weight of your body. 


Diet Pills Lower the Appetite and Hence Metabolism: The diet pills combat your appetite and you consume only lower amounts of calories. Apparently this may be the last resort to lose weight, but it causes slow metabolism as your intake of calories is poor. Ironically, the main purpose of taking the diet pills becomes futile when the metabolism slows down as slow metabolism slows down weight loss. 



Dangers of Diet Pills


Diet pills cannot cause weight loss in a significant and consistent manner. Besides this limitation of its influence on weight loss, diet pills can cause harmful effects including heart problems, nervousness, seizures and hair loss.


Cardiovascular Problems: The heart problems that diet pills can cause include irregular heartbeat, heart attack, high blood pressure and many more such problems. Most of the diet pills contain mainly ephedrine and Phentermine which are the culprits for harmful effects. 


Sustained use of Phentermine can cause blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and dry mouth, whereas, ephedrine is responsible for seizures and heart attacks. Many deaths due to heart attack have been linked to ephedrine. 



Insomnia: The harmful effects of ephedrine also include nervousness and sleeplessness. The other harmful effects of diet pills also include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, fever, headaches, dizziness, excess sweating, disturbances in menstrual cycle and sex drive and urinary tract problems. 


React with Caffeine: If you are on diet pills and also addicted to caffeine then think twice or its better that you consult a physician as the combination can be fatal and can lead to severe insomnia.


It is very important to know that there are many diet pills that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or controlled by the government. Yet, without knowing the harmful side effects that these diet pills can cause, people use them freely. 


How Diet Pills Work


The diet pills work in different ways. Mostly these pills are appetite suppressants. They contain active ingredients such as caffeine or phenylpropanolamine. These pills are meant for accelerating your metabolism, but simultaneously combat your appetite. There are some types of diet pills having a formulation that enables them to expand in your stomach to give you a feeling of satiety. There are also diet pills formulated for eliminating certain fluids or waste from your body. It goes without saying that consuming these pills can only result in harmful effects. Some diet pills contain laxative or diuretic in one form or other. 


It is therefore imperative that you should look for a healthy way to bring down your body weight. 

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