Healthy Foods which are Unhealthy

There are many foods which are often categorized as healthy, but if one probes at their nutritional aspects, then they can get to know about healthy foods which are unhealthy. One of the best ways to judge about a food’s nutritional values, it is always better to rely on the list of ingredients mentioned in the label. One of most prominent food which in reality is not as healthy as the common notion is the granola bar. Since they consist of nuts and fruits, people can hardly fathom that it can be bad for their health. The main shortcoming of granola bars are that they have good quantity of chocolate and sugar in it and it resembles a chocolate bar when it comes to its nutritional value. If you still want to have your share of granola bars, then make sure that you select a product which does not have more than six grams of sugar in them.

Another food which is deemed as healthy are the tea based drinks. Tea is considered to be a very healthy drink because of its antioxidant properties. Tea has the capacity to reduce the development of cancerous cells in the body. The downside with tea based drinks is that they contain soda and sugar which is not good for the health and on further research it has been found that the amount of antioxidants found in tea based drinks is comparatively lesser than a cup of tea which is made at home. Therefore it is better to resist the urge of consuming bottled tea based drinks and prepare your own tea based drinks at home without the aid of soda and sugar.

Frozen yogurt is another food item which is considered as a healthy food because it is good for the immune system. Most of the frozen yogurts contain the quantity of fats as any other ice cream. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that the frozen yogurt chosen by you is completely devoid of fat and this can be done by checking its label thoroughly. Many people like to consume canned vegetables because of the convenient factor attached to it. But according to experts the amount of sodium present in the canned vegetables are high and consuming them on regular basis can increase your blood pressure. Hence, fresh vegetables are the best option to get your daily dose of all the essential nutrients.

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