Herbs To Make Hair Grow

The style of the hair won’t look nice if your hair is not healthy. By healthy it means that the hair should be in perfect condition, thick, long, strong, shiny and smooth. The products that are available in the market today are full of chemicals like petro-chemical; they harm our hair in the long run. The first point to remember is that if you want to keep the hair healthy drink large amount of water. Water keeps the body hydrated and all the toxins are removed from the body so there will fast growth of hair.

Apply herbal oil to your hair regularly, especially before washing your hair with shampoo. The head massage with make your hair stronger and it won’t be dry after washing as well. The herbal hair oil has herbs that stimulate blood flow to the scalp and which also activate the growth of new hair follicles. A good scalp massage with herbal hair oil is must to keep it healthy. It will stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and allow the follicles to grow at a faster rate. You do the scalp massage by means of the fingertips and massage it in small firm round motions.
Other products that are good for hair growth and to keep it shining are coconut oil, jasmine oil, aloe-Vera, jojoba oil, henna, etc. these products are natural and you can order them from the net. Applying the oil of almond oil will make it stronger. If you can get powder of this product, then you can apply it to your hair and keep in for some time and then wash your hair. You will see a marked improvement in your hair. Though, all these are found in herbal hair oils, but to use them separately will surely improve your hair.
Another product that is good for growth of hair is fenugreek seeds. Put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in coconut hair oil and keep it in sun for some time. After a couple of days, apply it regularly on your hair and you will see that your hair is growing fast.
Henna is also good for hair. Henna powder colors the hair and gives it natural shine. You can mix almond powder in henna powder and soak it in water and keep it overnight. Apply it on your hair in the morning. You will find a marked difference and the hair will retain its natural color. If you use it regularly, then you won’t find any grey hair in you head. The only problem is that henna dries the hair so you should use a good herbal conditioner so that your hair does not feel dry. Massage your head and scalp with hot oil so that there is less chance of it becoming dry. 
Good quality herbal hair oil will help you to make your hair grow fast and stimulate new hair growth. They even keep the hair soft and do not let it become dry. There are many varieties of herbal hair in the market. Always use natural or herbal products so that there are no side-effects. It will maintain the good condition of your hair and will also help to keep it smooth and strong.

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