High Tea Party


Tea party is more valued in most of the countries in the world at large. To some communities, tea party is almost a religion or a way of life and like a tradition. In the past, taking afternoon tea was great and built a lot into one’s social standing. The afternoon tea was taken between lunch and dinner especially at three o’clock. This leisure time was celebrated by everybody in the community including the lower class after working throughout the day.


Tea History


Tea has been in existence for decades of years and it is widely used by several individuals from all corners of the world. When it comes to worldwide beverage consumption, when taking it hot or cold, it is tasty and it is seconded by water only. Tea has a rich history which markets it and spreads its interest in the rewards of drinking it.  


A Brief About Afternoon Tea Party


An afternoon tea party can be interpreted in any way depending on one’s own interests. This party can be formal, lavish, intimate or just a casual get together of friends. An individual may wish to set a theme for the gathering or may just wish to share tea together with friends and set a table with nice decorations among others. Tea party is not expensive since it does not involve many things and above all, tea can be found anywhere at an affordable price. If you would like to incorporate your favorite things into the tea experience, you may need saucers, tea cups and teaspoons and let your visitors enjoy the party in a very good and happy mood as well.


Servings with the Afternoon Tea Party



A high class tea party may consist of several sweets and bread that are believed to complement the beverage. Other things such as scones go well with tea since it has a thick paste that is good for dipping into hot tea. It is possible to make one’s holiday more relaxing by panning the menu by the use of sights, sounds or even smells of the holidays. You can serve a Christmas blend like white Christmas tea among others. Trimmings may also be added during the high teas party. This can be done by decorating the place with holly or other greenery and red roses or carnations. One can decorate by tying the Christmas bows around the chairs for further decoration.


Tea Cups And Saucers As an Option for Gifts


When serving friends during a high tea party, you can use special Christmas dishes and a silver tea set. One can also use the fixings by using the traditional English holiday treats for example trifles, Christmas pudding and ginger bread among others. When it comes to gifts, a teapot ornaments, tea cups with their saucers are the best options during Christmas high tea party among others. Taking the tea in the afternoons has greatly contributed to the pass down of the high tea parties. When it comes to the traditional tea parties, people may send out invitations, grab the special tea pots and tea cups and make your guests and friends happy during the occasion.


Serving the English teas for example twining, the drinkers currently have come to accept the tea bags which they never agreed to use before. You have to ensure that you keep the tea pot warm by covering it with the available lids such as the tea cozy. When planning a high tea party for the English, you should have it in mind that most of them like milk in their tea unlike sugar. Due to this, you should ensure that you present both milk and sugar while serving them and encourage them to try their tea taking style with milk as well. When it comes to tea sandwiches, a light sandwich can be better though you should also include buttered white bread.


What one should know is that the high tea party is much about the atmosphere as it is about the tea that you are planning to offer to your guests and friends. When planning to hold a tea party, you have to decide if you would prefer a traditional, elegant, English or just a themed party. It is always best to be flexible with a tea party to accommodate all age groups be it children or older people.

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