Home Pedicure Procedure

Our poor feet support the weight of our body and take us place to place. It is estimated that an average person walks 8000 steps every day. Despite the importance of our hard working feet, they tend to be the most neglected parts of our body. A good beauty regimen should include care of our feet and deserves good care for projecting a healthy and beautiful self.


A pedicure is a beauty treatment for care of the feet. During the course of a pedicure, the feet are cleaned and dead skin exfoliated, nails are shaped and painted. A relaxing foot massage forms the last part of the pedicure.  A professional pedicure at a parlour done by a professional is an expensive proposition and takes at least an hour and a half. With the right equipment, you can yourself a good pedicure in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost.


Procedure for a home pedicure is detailed below


Equipments Required:

  1. Shallow tub with luke warm water

  2. Mild shampoo or bath salts

  3. Exfoliant cream

  4. Pumice stone

  5. Nail clippers

  6. Cuticle cream

  7. Orange stick

  8. Moisturising cream

  9. Nail polish of your choice.

  10. Nail polish remover

  11. Cotton balls

  12. Soft brush


Steps for Pedicure

  1. Use cotton balls and nail polish remover to remove old nail polish

  2. Add a few drops of mild shampoo or bath salts to a tub  filled with lukewarm water

  3. Soak your feet in the water for 20 minutes

  4. Use the exfoliating cream to remove any dead skin on the upper part of the feet’

  5. Gently rub the pumice stone over the lower part of the feet to remove dead skin

  6. The heels tend to be the most neglected part of the feet. Rub the pumice stone in circles over the feet till the dead skin sloughs off and heels feel soft to touch.

  7. Use a soft brush to rub the feet to remove any dead skin or dirt

  8. Wipe dry.

  9. Use the nail clippers to cut the toe nails in a square shape

  10. Rub cuticle cream on the cuticles and let soak for 5 minutes

  11. Use an orange stick to push back the cuticles

  12. Rub the nails again with nail polish remover

  13. Apply the nail polish shade of your choice. A minimum of two coats are required. The nail polish should dry thoroughly between coats

  14. Apply a transparent top coat of polish to protect the colour.

  15. Use the moisturizing cream to gently massage the foot, paying particular attention to the heels.

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