Home Remedies for Belching

 Belching is expulsion of air from inside the stomach forcefully towards the mouth. A typical sound or smell may also be associated along with the burp. Belching relieves from the abdominal discomforts. From adults to infants everyone belches to release the excess air accumulated in the stomach. It is a universal phenomenon. When you swallow excess air, it gets accumulated in the stomach and later it is released through mouth to get relief from discomfort. Though belching after and during meals is a natural phenomenon frequent belching is not considered good. Such people instinctively resort to belching to get relief from any sort of abdominal discomfort. Many natural home remedies can be used to get rid of the habit of belching.


Causes of Belching


1. Production of air in the stomach because of intake of such food as vegetables, bran, raw fruits and even because of drinking of gaseous liquids like beer, seltzer, soda etc. 


2. Swallowing of air. This may happen because of taking while eating, drinking too fast or gulping food


3. Some of the disorders like gastroesophageal disease


4. Smoking habits



5. Habitual belching


6. Eating and drinking fast


7. Continued use of carbonated drinks


8. Indigestion


9. Irregular eating


10. Mental Stress


11. Esophageal or acid reflux condition


12. Obesity


13. Abdominal surgery


14. Dentures fitted badly


15. Fasting


16. Chewing gum


17. Hernia


18. Overeating


19. Pregnancy


Symptoms of Belching


1. Production of weird sounds


2. Sometimes peculiar odor may also accompany the sound



3. Burning sensation in the throat or mouth


4. Vomiting sensation


5. Burping with bad odor 


Home Remedies for Belching


1. Have your meal slowly and chewing the food well. You should not be hasty while eating.


2. Chocolates and onions also lead to the production of gases in the stomach, so such food should be avoided.


3. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages.


4. Adopt yoga, breathing exercises and other physical exercises. Abdominal exercises can also help in preventing formation of abdominal gas.


5. Be relaxed and cool, avoid taking too much stress.


6. Individuals suffering from excessive belching or chronic belching should especially avoid taking alcoholic drinks. These drinks lead to the production of many gases in the stomach.


7. Include yoghurt as a part of your meal.


8. Ginger is a good remedy to get relief from belching. Having ginger tea after your meal is a good solution of belching problems. Even ginger can be added as an ingredient to your food.


9. Soak fenugreek in a cup of water and let it get dissolved completely by keeping it as such over night. Drink this solution early morning empty stomach. It is an extremely effective measure against belching habits.


10. Herbal tea prepared with chamomile, blackberry, raspberry and mint as ingredients is very beneficial for belching problems. This can improve digestion and releases unwanted gas from the body.



11. Another home remedy for belching is to take ½ tsp of asafetida mixed with dry ginger powder and a pinch of salt with lukewarm water.


12. The most easily available remedy for belching is to chew cloves after meals.


13. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in a cup of water. Drink this solution every time before starting your meal.


14. Have small meals with regular intervals.


15. Taking apple cedar vinegar is another good home remedy for belching.


16. Use asafoetida in daily cooking as it can cure belching quickly.


17. Chew a few cloves of garlic on empty stomach in the morning to get rid of belching.


18. Drink warm water adding drops of mint essence for fighting belching.


19. Avoid taking vegetables containing excess starch like potatoes, sugars like lactose and pasta. 


20. Daily walks can also help in keeping the system fit.


21. Refrain from smoking


22. Chewing gums should be avoided as you chew it for long hours and swallow lots of air along.

Refrain from carbonated drinks; they produce gases inside your stomach.

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