Home Remedies for Burns

Burns are damage to the body's tissues caused by any kind of fires and flammable liquids or gases including scalds due to hot liquids and steam.  Burns are also caused by hot or burning substances such as electricity, chemicals and radiation. The outcomes of burns are swelling, blistering, scarring of the skin. In rare and more severe cases, burns may result in shock and death. Burns also can turn to infections as they damage the skin's protecting mechanism against infections. There is a lot of risk of getting burns at home with the stove, the oven, the toaster, the microwave, and the waffle iron and so on and proper safety precautions are necessary when using these gadgets.


Burns are classified into first, second and third degree burns.  The first degree burns affect only the outermost layer of the skin. Sun burns and household types fall under this category. Home remedies are sufficient to treat them.  The second degree burns affects the underlying layer of the skin going deep and causing fluid leaks from blistering. They are very painful and can become infected if not treated.  Some of them can be treated at home but large burns of this type need immediate medical attention.  The third degree burns are really serious as they are deep and affect the blood vessels, nerves, muscles or bones and glands etc. If they are large they can even cause death.


Causes of Burns


1. Directly from burning fire


2. Burns caused from Inflammable liquid or gas


3. Chemical burn



4. Due to Electricity


5. Sunburns


6. Therapeutic burns resulting from an operation or laser treatment


7. Burns due to contact of skin to extreme hot materials like frying pan, oven  etc


Home Remedies for Burns


The home remedies for burns are effective only for and should be tried the first degree burns. Second and third degree burn requires immediate medical assistance with intravenous fluids and surgical treatments from trained professionals. The first thing to do when there is such a burn is to immediately wash the area with water.


1. One of the most effective home remedy for burns is applying honey on the area affected as honey has a fast healing property.


2. Another common home remedy for burns is to apply some yogurt on the burns and allow it for sometime.


3. Applying egg white on the area affected with burns which is also a common home remedy for burns.


4. Another remedy known as grandma’s burns remedy is to keep the burns soaked in whole milk for about 15 minutes.


5. Applying onion juice on the burns immediately is another common home remedy for burns.


6. Dish washing detergent can be used to apply on the burns to get fast relief from burns.


7. Drinking the infusion of elderflowers or chamomile will work as a tranquilizer for the patient with burns. This can be applied on the burns for relief.



8. Ripe papaya can be applied on the burns as a home remedy as the enzyme it contains work to get rid of dead cells and rejuvenates the skin.


9. Applying the juice or gel of Aloe Vera on the burns is a time tested home remedy for burns. 


10. For minor burns the flowers of Marigold ground with wheat germ oil or Olive oil can be used as in ointment for getting cooling effect.  The flowers can be bound with the flower heads for fast relief from burns.


11. Essential lavender oil is very effective in relieving pain in the burns repeatedly many times in a day.  It is also good as it does not leave a scar on the skin and gives a nice fragrance.


12. A simple home remedy for burns is dabbing cold Indian tea on the burns or sun burnt skin for instant relief.


13. Another natural home remedies for burns is liquid paraffin or white petroleum jelly called Vaseline.  They can be applied on the burns to prevent infection.


14. Wheat germ oil, Olive oil or pumpkin seed oil has properties that can heal the burns without leaving a scar.


15. Garlic is mashed and mixed with essential oil can be used to heal the burns as it is a proven home remedy for burns.


16. Vitamin e oil should be applied on the skin to treat even severe burns.


17. St. John’s wort is an herb that has properties to heal burns. It can be applied on the burns for relief from blisters, scalds and burns.

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