Home Remedies for Chronic Flatulence


Flatulence means 'passing wind' and it happens as a result of excess accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestine which is the by-product of indigestion. It is normal to pass out gas daily for ten times but after that it becomes a troublesome problem that needs a physicians help.


Causes of Flatulence


Undigested Foods Causing Flatulence


Certain individual lacks some enzymes responsible for breakdown of food and as a result of this undigested food in passed from small intestine to large intestine. It is there in the large intestine where this undigested foods breaks down to gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.


Food Products that Causes Flatulence


Certain food products whose excessive intake makes a person prone to flatulence are beans, starches like potatoes, noodles etc, onions, apples, peaches and excess of fibers.



Improper Eating Habits


It is commonly seen that persons who eat too fast encounter this problem. Also rapid drinking, chewing a gum, drinking carbonated drinks like colas causes flatulence.


Enzyme Lactase Deficiency


Lactase is an enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose (sugar naturally found in milk, cheese, bread etc.). So, its deficiency will hamper the digestion of lactose and undigested lactose brings about the problem of flatulence.


Flatulence due to lactase deficiency is commonly seen in children and aged people.


Colon Bacteria: There are about 400 different types of bacteria that live in our colon. They get mixed with food and cause the problem of flatulence.


Tips to Avoid Flatulence


Avoid Dairy Products in Case of Lactose Intolerance: Milk Should Be Drunk attentively. If you know to have problems with lactose and digesting it, then you may be lactose intolerant. That means you should try to reduce the quantity of dairy products in your alimentation. If you do not want to give up on them, then you can try to take lactose supplements that will help your digestion.



Sugar is better than artificial sweeteners. There have been noticed problems in people who consume sugar-free foods and are artificially sweetened, such as candies or chewing gum. For some people, these lead to diarrhea and gas.


Eat slowly: Slow breathing can make a big deal. The extra air you take in does not go in your lungs, but it builds up in your body. Also, important to chew food slowly and trying to drink less of carbonated drinks because they also lead to air accumulation in our body, thus leading to flatulence.


Eat Healthy: Try to make yourself a healthy diet, by experimenting different aliments and see which one causes you excessive and chronic flatulence.


Reduce Fiber Intake: Less fiber is recommended. It is good to eat it, but try to add fibers to your daily diet slowly, so that your body gets used to it. Otherwise, you may start having problems with excess gas.


Maintain Body Posture While Eating: Eat while you sit up. If you know you have problems with gas, and then don't eat your meal lying on the couch because it makes the gas go the wrong way.


Home Remedies for Flatulence


Herbal Tea and Cardamom: Herbal teas are appreciated for their benefits on digestion; for your digestive problems, excessive and chronic flatulence, you should try mint, anise, or sage tea.


Papaya and Pineapple: They are rich in enzymes that accelerate digestion and thus prevent flatulence.


Lemon Juice: After every meal drink water made out of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey.



Cover the abdomen with hot water bottle.


Mustard Seeds: Taking mustard seed in the morning with water is an effective remedy for flatulence.


Tea after Dinner: Have a tea made up of fennel seeds after dinner.


Caraway Seeds: Caraway seeds relieve our digestive system for unnatural gases. We can have it in the form of buiscuits and breads.


Spices to Treat Flatulence: Various easily available at home spices that prevent flatulence are cardamom seeds, cloves, and coriander and fennel seeds. If you don’t feel like eating these spices, then you have the option of oiling with their oils.


Turmeric Powder: Turmeric powder is a universal cure and adding it in daily diet will help you getting relived from flatulence.

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