Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are one of the major complaints faced by the people. They are caused because of lack of attention and care of the foot. Medical word for cracked heels is heel fissures. Fissures are wounds which are regular linear cut and they mostly affect on the surface level which we know as the epidermis. In some cases they may go deeper and get into dermis which will be very painful. Feet expand sideways when excessive pressure is given on the feet pads. Cracked heels are formed when the skin surrounding the sides of the feet get dry and they start to crack. Cracked heels also indicate the deficiency of omega-3 and zinc.

Crack in the skin is a common problem in all parts of the body, but the most common area where the cracks are found is the web of toes and rim of heel because it is the most frequently used part of our body. One of the most common causes which lead to cracked heels is dry skin or xerosis. The other reason for cracks is the callus skin or the thick skin around the rim of the heels. Many of the foot problems blooms because of the oversight and neglect with regards to feet care. Corns, cracked feet, and other feet ailments can be easily avoidable.

Cracked heels are not a harmful problem anyways, except if the fissures or crack is deep into the dermis, this will be very painful and the skin will start to bleed.
This may lead to infection and should be avoided mainly by those people who are already suffering from chronic diseases such as lowered immune system or diabetes due to illness or age which may hinder the treatment for cracked heels.
Cracked heels are commonly found in senior citizens or among people who are continually on their feet thus applying pressure on the feet pad. It affects either both the heels or only one of the heels. But most commonly, cracked heels are found on both the feet.
For most of the people cracked heels are found to be a very common problem. They can be very upsetting, unattractive and painful, especially for the people who love to wear sandals.
The main cause of the cracked skin which is found on our feet is because of dry skin. It is worse in the winter season and mostly found on people living in dry climates. Walking barefoot and wearing shoes which are having uncovered back can intensify the problem. Even in summer season, our feet are found in rough shape.
If the condition is worse which means that the crack is severe then it will be difficult to treat, because regular moisturizers will not penetrate the dead, dry, thick skins on our heels. There are many home remedies to treat this crack. 
The first home remedy that is generally used to treat cracked heels is by applying hydrogenated vegetable oil on the dry and cracked areas of your feet after washing them. After applying shortening on feet thickly, you should wear a thick pair of socks. Leave this overnight and if you do this for a couple of days you will get a good result.
Another home remedy for cracked heels is by using the pulp of ripe banana. Take the pulp of the ripe banana and apply to the cracked area, leave this application for ten minutes or so then rinse your feet. Lemon juice is also an effective one. All you have to do is take some lemon juice and soak your feet in lemon juice for some time, say for 10 minutes. Do this regularly for a week definitely you will get a good result. If you are having dry or cracked feet then you should make sure that you are following a daily regimen of cleaning and moisturizing your feet. During the end of the day, you should soak your feet in soapy warm water for ten minutes. After that rinse it and pat them dry. Next step is to make a healing mixture which includes a teaspoon of Vaseline and juice of lemon. Apply this mixture on the cracked and dry area and keep it until it is thoroughly absorbed.

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