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Many of us have at some point have felt sleepiness during daytime. It is quite natural to occur after a long journey or long hours of work.  But if you feel sleepy during daytime more frequently, it is a problem you should address immediately to remain alert and also to protect your reputation.


Reasons for Daytime Sleepiness


The first step to get rid of day time sleepiness is to find the reason. A few reasons that may trigger day time sleepiness are:


Sleeping Disorders and Daytime Drowsiness



1. Some underlying sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and hypersomnia etc. may cause sleepiness during daytime.  Certain medical conditions and intake of medications can be included in this category.


2. Poor sleeping habits are the major cause of daytime sleepiness. Keeping awake till early hours for watching TV or movies can be avoided.




Disturbed Circadian Rhythms: Every living being has a clear pattern of biological activities like hormone secretion, cell regeneration and brainwave activity etc which is known as circadian rhythm. When the body’s natural rhythm is disturbed sleeping becomes erratic causing daytime sleeping.  Jet lag and night shift working are examples of this phenomenon.


Some Other Reasons Leading to Day Time Sleepiness or Drowsiness are


1. Eating disorders

2. Depression

3. Physical inactivity

4. Allergy or viral infections

5. Heart related disorders

6. Certain Medications like anti-histamines


Symptoms of Drowsiness



1. Falling asleep in day time.

2. Sudden attacks of sleep at inappropriate times during the day.

3. Excessive daytime sleepiness leads to reduced concentration, memory and increased irritability.

4. Morning headaches when you wake up.





Treating Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (E.D.S)


Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Avoid distractions at bed time. Do not watch TV, read or play video games or use laptops in the bed. Avoid bill payments or heated arguments when you are in bed as they cause mental stress which disturbs sleep.  


Power Nap to Avoid EDS: It is advised to have 20 minutes power nap as it acts as an energy booster. You can rest for a while in a quiet place and relax.


Seek Medical Help: If any medical condition and medication is the cause, seek medical advice. Do not exercise within three hours of bed time. Also you can go for acupressure that helps in curing lethargy and drowsiness.


Avoid Sleeping Late in the Day: Avoid sleeping in the late afternoon as it upsets your body clock.


Diet and Day Time Sleepiness


1. Finish your meals at least three hours before bed time.


2. Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid heavy lunch.


3. Consuming sprouts can also help in curing drowsiness.




4. Drink plenty of water, at least a minimum of 8 glasses in a day to keep the body well hydrated. This is helpful to prevent tiredness and maintains the body fit.


5. Make tea adding honey, cinnamon and ginger to it and boiling it for 20 minutes. Take this hot tea twice in the morning and at lunch.  This can help you wake up instantly.


6. Drink hot coffee twice during morning. But take care to drink this in moderation in the later hours of the day as it can hamper your getting sleep at night.


7. A regular intake of vitamin C will help to boost your immunity and keep you alert throughout the day.


8. A low fat diet full of proteins helps you in sustaining energy levels. Cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs are rich in proteins.


9. Herbs like ginger, cayenne and ginseng act as circulatory stimulants and hence energize the body and provide relief from drowsiness.


10. Drinking an energy drink that contains Taurine as it can instantly increase your energy levels.


11. Avoid junk foods and saturated fats and sugar can hamper you energy and cause fatigue.  It may also lead to nutrient deficiency.


Exercise Regularly:  Aerobic exercises help you get restful sleep. Follow regular patterns of sleep time and wake up time and for all meals.  Breathing exercises in yoga are proven to help in getting good quality of sleep during night. It also helps in improving blood circulation, making you fell more energetic and stress release to fight drowsiness.



Meditation: Fight stress with meditation as it helps your mind to relax and helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Deep breathing is a good way to get good oxygen supply to the cells that can boost general health. A relaxed body and calm mind lead to restful sleep and prevents drowsiness.


Avoid Alcohol: Never drink alcohol before bedtime.


Beating Drowsiness While at Work


1. When you feel like dozing off, get up and take a walk for about 5 minutes.


2. Wash your face with cold water.


3. Also after washing the face with cold water, stand in front of A.C till it dries.


4. Have a cup of coffee or tea as they stimulate the nerves and ward off sleepiness.


5. Gum chewing also can help in fighting away sleepiness during daytime.


6. Have some distraction for a while to refresh your mind.


7. Lower energy levels are found to cause sleepiness during the day.  Make sure to keep your energy levels up by eating fresh fruits and by drinking enough water to keep well hydrated as dehydration can also make feel tired and sleepy.


8. It is helpful to keep the work place bright and uncluttered.  Keeping posters and items of our interest can create a pleasant feeling and motivate you to be active.



So, we can overcome Daytime sleepiness but the only thing required is few lifestyle changes in our daily work routine.

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