Home Remedies for Feet Swelling During Pregnancy


Swelling of feet during pregnancy is called edema. It is common to see pregnant women suffering from swollen feet. This is a common problem experienced by about 90% of pregnant women during the third trimester of pregnancy. The weight of the baby and uterus put extra pressure on the veins that carry blood to the legs. This hampers the blood circulation to the feet and the blood gets pooled in the legs leading to fluid retention in the feet. This causes the collection of more fluid in the tissues and swelling of the feet. They get collected at the feet as it is the lowest part of the body and cause immense discomfort to the pregnant woman. 


Home remedies can help pregnant women to get relief from feet swelling in a natural way. They are simple and easy to follow and do not cost much. They are safe and do not cause any side effect too.



Symptoms for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy


1. It is very common to see swelling of the face, feet, and neck. This is due to the excessive accumulation of serum fluid in the tissues.


2. Headache



3. Improper vision in some cases


4. Feeling like falling


5. High blood pressure



Causes of Feet Swelling During Pregnancy


1. Abnormal increase in the blood volume


2. Excessive intake of sodium and caffeine



3. Standing for long periods


4. Hormonal changes


5. Low levels of potassium in diet


6. Presence of high levels of uric acid in the blood



Home Remedies for Feet Swelling During Pregnancy


Well Balanced Diet: Pregnant women should strictly follow a balanced diet for keeping themselves and the unborn baby healthy. It is important to get all the nutrients that they need during pregnancy. So care must be taken to ensure that she gets proper nutrition so that the digestive system and other systems function properly and maintain a natural balance.


Maintain Proper Sitting Posture: When pregnant women have swollen feet they cannot stand for long times and work as undue pressure is applied on their feet due to feet swelling. This affects especially women who need to keep standing for longer hours. So care should be taken to avoid folding the feet while sitting or wearing tight jeans etc. so that can put extra pressure on the feet.



Green Leafy Vegetables: Pregnant women should consume lots of green vegetables like greens, cabbage and beans as they are rich in iron as they require it more. Raw vegetables should be consumed as salads to ensure proper digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients into the body while eliminating the metabolic wastes completely.


Drink Barley Water:  Barley is a highly effective diuretic. Drink barley water many times during a day to reduce the swelling in the legs.


Drink at Least 8 Glasses of Water: By drinking lots and lots of water the toxins can be flushed of the body through urination. Frequent urination in pregnant women is a healthy sign as they get rid of toxins from their system through the process of urination. Feet swelling occurs because the process of expulsion of toxins by urine is affected and they remain in the body.  So it is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.


Say “NO” to Junk Food: Avoid junk food and salty foods with sodium content.


Avoid Harsh Temperature:  Avoiding harsh temperatures is another important way to remain free from getting feet swelling. The hot temperature can drain out moisture from the body and also make it difficult for expelling the toxins through urination as the water content of the body is inadequate.


Decoction of Coriander Leaves: A proven home remedy for treating feet swelling during pregnancy is to drink the decoction of coriander leaves. Boil coriander leaves in water till the quantity reduces to half. Strain and drink this for at least three times in a day. This is a wonderful therapy for expelling toxins from the body easily and effectively.



Water With Palm Sugar and Fennel: Another good home remedy to treat feet swelling during pregnancy is to drink the water in which palm sugar and fennel are boiled. The water should be boiled till the volume reduces to half. Repeat this process three times a day to get relief from this condition.


Feet Exercises: The feet should be given sufficient exercise to prevent them from getting stagnated. They should be exercised in such a way that the toxins are expelled from the feet through the action of the blood stream. 

Keep the feet under running cold water for about 15 minutes before resting as it can prevent swelling of feet.

Put your feet up for sometime many times a day.


Yoga: Regular practice of yoga can help in keeping blood circulation normal and prevents the feet from swelling. Breathing exercises are also helpful.


Leg Stretching: Keep stretching your legs, wiggling the toes and flexing your feet while rotating the ankles when you are sitting.


Wearing Support Stockings: Wearing support stockings is also helpful as they can prevent the blood from pooling in your feet.

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