Home Remedies for Gall Bladder Stones


Gall bladder is a small pear shaped organ situated in the lower right abdomen just beneath your liver. When the liquid present in the gall bladder becomes hard to form pebble like structure in the gall bladder, gallstones are said to be formed. These gall stones are mostly found in people suffering from liver cirrhosis, blood related disorders of a hereditary nature and biliary infections.\


The development of small crystalline bodies within the body is known as gallstones. The gallstones can be noticed any where within the Biliary tree including the common bile duct and the gall bladder. This liquid is bile which helps in the digestion of the food. These gallstones obstruct the normal flow of the bile and hence affect the normal functioning of the digestion system of the body. If the gall bladder stones are very large and have been present for long, it necessitates surgery. When it is mild, gall stones can be treated effectively with simple home remedies.


Causes of Gall Bladder Stones


1. Age is one of the leading causes of the disease. People above the age of 60 are generally seen suffering from this disease


2. Fasting more frequently leads to the concentration of the bile along with cholesterol and hence causing the disease


3. Obesity also causes the disease to occur especially in women


4. Intake of low fiber diet leads to higher cholesterol levels causing reduced emptying of gall bladder and formation of gall bladder stones.


5. Constipation and the resultant accumulation of bile in gall bladder causes gall bladder stones.


6. Pregnancy



7. Drugs taken for lowering cholesterol levels 


8. Speedy loss of weight


9. Increased level of cholesterol can also cause gall bladder stones.


10. Presence of excess level of estrogen


11. Hormonal disturbance mostly excess secretion of estrogen. This is the reason why women suffer from gall stones more than men.


12. Intake of birth control pills


13. Adoption of hormone replacement therapy


14. Diabetes causes high levels of fatty acids that result in the formation of gall bladder stones.


Symptoms of Gall Bladder Stones


1. Transformation of the color of the skin and whites of the eye to yellow


2. Vomiting bouts and nausea


3. Abdominal pain due to indigestion and gastric disorder


4. Clay colored stools



5. Darkening of the urine and clay colored stools


6. Indigestion and gastric problems


7. Prolonged pain in the upper abdomen sometimes for a short time while sometimes for a longer period


8. Shoulder blades and back are constantly under pain


Home Remedies for Gall Bladder Stones


1. Drink plenty of water and remain on liquid dietfor some days.


2. Tea, coffee, citrus fruits and vegetables need to be avoided.


3. Mix the juices of beet, carrot, grapes and cucumber in equal proportions. Drink this juice regularly; it is very good for the gall bladder.


4. The roots, leaves and flowers of the chicory and endive plant have miraculous effect in the treatment of the gall bladder stones. Prepare a decoction of these leaves, roots and flowers and consume 30-5- ml of this decoction thrice a day.


5. Barberry is also very beneficial in the treatment of the disease as it not only dissolves these gall bladder stones but also removed the toxic materials from the body.


6. Consuming alfalfa is fruitful in the treatment of the gall bladders stones. Apart from curing the disease, it also provides stamina to the body.


7. Rosemary and wild yam are very effective antispasmodic herbs that can increase bile flow and reduce pain.



8. Prepare a juice of dandelion and watercress to form a quantity of about 125 ml. This juice should be drank twice daily in the prescribed quantity. Dandelion is very beneficial in the treatment of gallstones.


9. Plain yoghurt, cottage cheese, and a tablespoon of olive oil should be consumed twice a day. It is better to include them in your regular diet.


10. Add dandelion and milk thistle in your morning tea to increase bile production.


11. Diet should consist of high fiber and low fat foods to prevent constipation and formation of gall bladder stones.


12. Avoid foods with high levels of fat content such as animal fats, greasy foods, and refined carbohydrates. Sugar, spices and condiments should be minimized.


Eating pear or drinking its juice two times a day is helpful in cleansing the gall bladder. 


13. Take small meals more frequently than fewer heavy meals.


14. Exercising regularly helps in regulating bowel movements and preventing formation of the gall bladder stones.

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