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Goiter is a disease that affects the thyroid gland, appearing as a swelling at the back of neck. Goiter occurs due to iodine deficiency the diet. Goiters are of different kinds. A goiter usually occurs when the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone to meet the body's needs. This results into increase in size of the thyroid gland, which usually overcomes mild deficiencies of thyroid hormone.


The size of swelling differs in different patients and if the size is very big the person may find it hard to swallow food and may even cause difficulty of breathing. Goiter can be classified as an endemic (colloid) goiter or a sporadic (nontoxic) goiter. Normally, endemic goiters are found within groups of people living in geographical areas with iodine-depleted soil, usually regions away from the sea coast.


Causes of Goiter


1. Deficiency of Iodine 


2. Graves' disease 


3. Hashimoto's disease 



4. Solitary thyroid nodules 


5. Thyroid cancer


6. Pregnancy 


7. Inflammation of thyroid 


8. Certain foods - e.g. turnips 


9. Thyroid cyst


Symptoms of Goiter


1. A visible swell  at the lower part of the neck 


2. Emotional problems or mood swings


3. Loss of concentration 


4. Irritability 



5. Depression


6. A tight feeling in throat 


7. Coughing 


8. Hoarseness 


9. Difficulty in  swallowing 


10. Difficulty in breathing


Home Remedy for Goiter


1. Smear the leaves of dandelion with ghee and warm it. Now apply this over the affected area. This needs to be repeated for 2 weeks.


2. Apply the paste made from watercress as it is an effective home remedy n treating goiter.


3. Consume food items like carrots, garlic and salt, as these are high in iodine as iodine deficiency is responsible for the occurrence of Goiter.


4. Apply boiled seeds of flax on the swollen area. Then, bandage the leaves of the tree over it. This is an effective treatment for curing goiter. 


5. Regular exercises, especially neck stretches and exercises help stretch the muscles that are attached to the thyroid gland. Aerobics and jogging also help to prevent this ailment. 


6. Fast for three days with a diet of only vegetable and fruit juices. Start eating regular food from the 4th day. This can get rid of toxins from the body.


7. Take barley water regularly, at least once every day. 



8. Take 1 tsp of the juice of the leaves of swamp cabbage with tea almonds. Consuming this combination once or twice a day is beneficial in treating goiter. 


9. Take diet which must include iron rich food in the diet such as guavas, strawberries, citrus fruits, egg yolk, sea food, whole rice, tomatoes, oats, onion, garlic, carrots and lettuce. 


10. Pineapple is another helpful fruit as a home remedy for Goiter. Drink pineapple juice on a daily basis.


11. Take 30 ml of a decoction of Kachnas (Bauhini variegate), two times a day regularly in an empty stomach. 


12. Mother’s milk is considered as the best remedy for an infected infant. 


13. Avoid overeating or eating everything at one shot. Practice four to five smaller meals a day instead of having a single large meal. This helps in better digestion of the food.


14. Intake of foods rich in iron for this include citrus fruits, egg yolk, strawberries, guavas, whole rice, onion, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, lettuce and seafood  can help in the treatment of Goiter.


15. Consuming bananas and oats is also helpful in curing goiter as they can stimulate the thyroid gland.


16. Make a paste of watercress and apply on the affected area. Since it is a good source of iodine, it would help reduce the swelling. It is also recommended to take 2 tablespoon of watercress juice diluted in water thrice for six weeks to replenish the body with iodine.


17. Taking a cool shower twice a day also helps in curing thyroid problems like Goiter.


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