Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a female health disorder and mostly caused by unhygienic condition of the genital organ. The disease has association with the infection of genital tract by some organisms. Apart from these organisms, hormonal disturbances and metabolic disorders are responsible for the disease to occur. Since all women are different, therefore the cause of the disease is also different in case of different women.


It is very necessary to know the exact reason behind the disease to proceed further with the treatment. The quantity of discharge may also aggravate along with the color becoming more and more yellow along with accompany of foul smell because of some STDs or even vaginal infections. It is very important to cure the disease the initial stage otherwise the disease moves on to a chronic stage. Home remedies can be used to treat Leucorrhea easily and effectively with the ingredients available at home.


Causes of Leucorrhea


1. Disorders in the hormones of the body


2. Inappropriate eating habits


3. Indigestion or constipation


4. Anemia



5. Some of the diseases also cause leucorrhea such as diabetes, menorrhagea etc


6. Lack of proper hygienic conditions


7. Abrasion produced by itching


8. Waking up till late hours


9. Lack of proper exercise schedule


10. Lack of proper tension free sleep


Symptoms of Leucorrhea


1. Feeling of lethargy and weakness


2. Problem of constipation


3. Occurrence of frequent headaches



4. Sensation of dragging in the abdominal region


5. Discharge of whitish yellowish thick fluid form the vagina


6. Calves and lumber region experiences pain


7. Reddishness and itchiness inside and around the region of vagina


Home Remedy for Leucorrhea


1. Application of mango paste, took out from the inner portion of the fruit, in the vaginal region provides relief in the disease of leucorrhea. A powder of smilax china with paste of milk also provides the similar result.


2. Soak some coriander seeds in water overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning. Repeat this for a week. This is an effective home remedy for Leucorrhea.


3. Prepare a decoction of fenugreek seeds by taking 2-3 tablespoons of it and adding them to one liter of water. Simmer for ½ hour then strain and drink the decoction. It provides quiet satisfactory results for treating the disease.


4. Chew betel nuts after having your meals. It is very good remedy in treating leucorrhea.


5. Daily eat ripe banana twice. It is the most easily available remedy for leucorrhea.


6. A cold hipbath makes the muscles lose and allows for easy discharge of fluid and a hot hipbath gives a therapeutic experience to the patient in the treatment of leucorrhea.



7. Mix Amalaki powder with honey or sugar and take it to get relief form Leucorrhea.


8. Take a cup of water and mix a cup of milk to it. Add small amount of ginger to the ingredients and boil the contents till they become half of the original quantity and then add brown sugar. Have this preparation for at least 5-6 weeks.


9. Take some dry seeds of goose berry and prepare a powder of it. Take one tablespoon of this powder along with honey and fennel seeds daily two times.


10. Eat curd mixed with fenugreek powder on a regular basis.


11. Cook some rice in half a liter of water, strain and add sugar to the liquid and drink it several times a day. This is an effective home remedy for curing Leucorrhea.


12. Boil some walnut tree leaves in a liter of water and use this water to smear the affected area to get relief from Leucorrhea.


13. You can also boil the guava leaves and use the water to apply on the area to cure Leucorrhea.


14. Extract the juice of Amaranth leaves, filter and mix with water and drink it 2 times a day.


15. Boil 200 grams of lady finger in one liter of water. Strain it and add sugar and drink this water three times a day to cure leucorrhea.

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