Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite


Loss of appetite decreases the defense mechanisms and could ingest the organisms into your body that can slow down the healing process of the body. There can be many reasons behind the loss of appetite which can be as small as a passing flu or cold or there may even be a serious reason behind it like tuberculosis, low thyroid in the body or it may even indicate a heart or liver or lungs disorder.  Lack of appetite may not necessarily be due to physical condition alone. It may be sometimes linked to an emotional or spiritual factor.


It is very necessary to treat this ailment as soon as possible because a decreased urge to eat may result in loss of weight also. In ingestion of less food in the body may weaken your body as the amount of nutrition and calories decreases in the body and the body becomes susceptible to diseases.


Causes of Loss of Appetite

These are the most common causes of loss of appetite:

1. Illness


2. Fear of vomiting after having your meals


3. Nausea


4. Constipation


5. Pain in mouth


6. Sores in mouth



7. Gloominess


8. Lack of exercise


9. Excessive intake of alcohol


10. Habits of excessive smoking


11. Emotional pains because of occurrence of any event


12. Extreme weather conditions


13. Hectic schedule or heavy work load


Symptoms of Loss of Appetite


1. Aversion to drink or eat


2. Irregular heart rhythms


3. Pain in the body


4. Alteration of the pulse rate



5. Loss of weight


6. Becoming more susceptible to catch any infection or disease


7. Moistness of skin


8. No refreshment even after having a sleep


Home Remedy for Loss of Appetite

Herbals remedies work wonderfully for relieving lack of appetite. Some changes in eating habits will also help.

1. Mix together 6 drops of coriander oil, one drop of peppermint oil, four drops of black pepper oil, eight drops of chary sage oil and finally three drops of ginger oil by putting all of these essential oils in an air tight container and shaking them by moving the container upside down again and again for few minutes or by rolling the container between your palm. Smell these oils whenever you don’t feel like having anything.


2. Have green tea half an hour before every meal to stimulate appetite. Chamomile tea is very helpful for this condition.


3. Consumption of bitter herbs is a good way to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices that can trigger appetite.


4. Take equal quantities of cinnamon bark, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom and soak them in water and keep the container as such overnight. In the morning, Blend the entire mixture and strain it. Drinking of this preparation early in the morning before eating anything increases the appetite of the person.


5. Alfalfa is herb that stimulates appetite and is highly nutritious. It helps in restoring the vitamins and minerals lost. Take as much of alfalfa in juice, soup or salads.


6. Prepare a paste by mixing together goose berry, honey and some butter and lick this paste before having your meals. This is a very good remedy for increasing the appetite.


7. Having a glass of red wine before dinner can improve appetite and digestion.



8. Consume lots of green leafy vegetables what improve digestion and also prevent constipation. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables to get more of Vitamins as lack of vitamins may be the reason behind lack of appetite.


9. Roast a mango on fire and put it in cold water. Squeeze out its juice and mix with water. Add salt, cumin seeds and mint leaves and drink it. This is a good home remedy for loss of appetite.


10. Take equal quantities of black salt, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger and asafoetida and grind them together to form a powder. Mix this powder in one glass of butter milk and have this milk one hour before the meals. It is very beneficial for increasing the appetite.


11. Take supplements such as zinc, minerals and folic acid to stimulate taste and smell of food. 

12. Taking vinegar cocktail is another way to restore appetite.


13. Ginger and lime concoction also proves out to be a great remedy in the treatment of increasing appetite.


14. Take pomegranate juice with added honey and salt.


15. Have more smaller meals in a day rather than fewer heavy meals.

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