Home Remedies for Menopause


Generally speaking, menopause is not a disease. Rather it is considered as a new phase in a women’s life. The ovulation ceases to take place the eventually the menstrual cycle stops taking place. It happens because the endometrial layer start becoming thin and eventually it does not bleed. It is a natural phenomenon and generally occurs at the age of fifty or near by. It can also take place at the age of forty five or around, which is called early menopause. If it takes place before or around the age of forty then it is called premature menopause.


Menopause happens because of the fluctuating levels of hormones in the body. During menopause the mostly affected parts are endocrine glands, thyroid and pituitary glands and the gonads. This puts a stop to the reproductive period of a female. Due to this many undesired changes takes place inside the body of the female. Some women may suffer from Calcium deficiency which necessitates more than the normal intake of calcium. There are several home remedies that can help you to get over the condition of pre mature or early menopause.


Causes of Menopause


1. Level of estrogen decreases

2. Thinning of the endometrial layer


3. Hormonal imbalances in the body


4. Decreased ovulation


Symptoms of Menopause


1. Dryness in the vagina


2. Problem of insomnia due to decreased level of estrogen


3. Experience of extreme temperature variations when the other people feel quiet normal with the temperature, such as hot flushes, night sweats


4. Problems with the bladder including bladder infection causing inability to hold urine and thus problem of frequent urination


5. Bleeding, ache and pain during sexual intercourse



6. Headache


7. Palpitation


8. Numbness


9. Difficulty in concentration


10. Confusion of thoughts. Depression


11. Facial hair


12. Thinning of hair of scalp and their loss


13. Mood swings and feeling of crying without a reason


14. Irritability and tension


15. Irregularity in getting periods


16. Reduced or absence of interest in sex


Home Remedy for Curing Menopause


Menopause is a natural aging process in women and not a disease. Most of its problems can be solved using simple home remedies that can reduce the discomforts and problems.


1. Drinking of juice of beet thrice a day in around 60-90 ml of quantity is very beneficial in the treatment.


2. Small doses of Indian herb Spikenard, around 2 grams every day, are a proven remedy in the treatment.


3. Take a glass of cow milk and a teaspoon of carrot seeds. Put the carrot seeds in the milk and boil for around ten minutes. It should be drunk every day to treat menopause.


4. Taking powdered licorice once a day is a good home remedy for menopause.


5. Take one teaspoon of ginseng root tincture, one teaspoon of don quai root tincture, two teaspoon of cohosh root tincture, one teaspoon of chaste tree tincture, one teaspoon of licorice root tincture and one teaspoon of sarsaparilla tincture. Properly mix them together and take three droppers full of this preparation every day.


6. Licorice is the best remedy for treating menopause. Take one teaspoon of it every day to overcome menopause.


7. Drinking the juice of beetroot three times a day is beneficial in menopausal disorders.



8. Vitamin E is yet another important remedy for curing menopause. Take 50-100 units of it every day for effectively treating menopause.


9. Consume 2 grams of Indian spikenard as it is a valuable herb in treating menopause.


10. Primrose oil is also good in curing menopause. 700-800 mili grams of it should be consumed every day three times.


11. Soak a few seeds of carrot in a glass of cow’s milk for 10 minutes. Strain and drink this milk once a day.


12. Vitamin C, B6, D and pantothenic is great for curing menopause and their supplements taken in appropriate amount can also help solving the problem. Vitamin D is found in milk, breakfast cereal, cheese, bread and eggs.


13. Diet should include lots of fruits, nuts and vegetables along with sprouts, Soya beans, cabbage, alfalfa and olive oil as they have properties that can alleviate the problems of menopause.


14. Exercising on a regular basis is helpful in reducing the problems during menopause.

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