Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Nausea gravidarum or morning sickness or emesis gravidarum or vomiting of pregnancy is a situation faced by more than half of the pregnant ladies. It affects around 50 percent to sixty percent of the pregnant women and they suffer form morning sickness during the first trimester. In this disease, the woman suffers from the problem of nausea and vomiting during morning time however; in some cases the symptoms are also visible during day time. There are several home remedies that can help you to overcome this situation and enjoy a healthy pregnancy period.


In a recent study it is proved that if you get morning sickness during pregnancy then you are much less susceptible to face miscarriages than the women who do not get morning sickness. It is now considered to be an evolved trait that protects the fetus from the toxic substances that the mother had accidentally eaten. It is argued that morning is a functional adaptation rather than pathology.  The best way to treat morning sickness is to use natural home remedies. They are not only effective but also inexpensive and convenient to use.


Causes of Morning Sickness


1. Low level of sugar in the blood as the placenta draws stamina from the mother


2. Increased sensitivity to odors intensifying the chances of nausea


3. Increased level of human chronic gonadotropin


4. Increased level of estrogen, it is believed that the level of estrogen increases by hundred folds during pregnancy



5. Sensitive gastrointestinal tract


6. Chemical and hormonal changes in the body


7. Strong odors


8. Deficiency of Vitamin B


9. Increased level of progesterone which relaxes the stomach and intestines leading to gastroesophageal reflux disease and excess acids in stomach


10. Hormonal imbalance 


Symptoms of Morning Sickness


1. Vomiting and bouts of nausea


2. Ache in the back


3. Problem of constipation


4. Darkened areola


5. Excess salivation


6. Increased need to sleep


7. Increased sensitivity to smell


8. Craving for food


9. Cramps in lower abdomen


10. Swollen or tender breasts


11. Need to urinate frequently


12. Exhaustion and tiredness


Home Remedy for Morning Sickness


1. Take some curry leaves and extract out their juice. Ad one lemon’s juice to it and one teaspoon of honey. This preparation should be taken 3-4 times a day on a regular basis.


2. The tea prepared using spearmint is also beneficial in the treatment of morning sickness.


3. Vitamin C is advised to be taken during the period of pregnancy. Eat two oranges in morning and two oranges during evening. It is advised not to go for this remedy if you are prone to common cold.


4. It is advised to take ginger tea during pregnancy to get relief from morning sickness. Take 2-3 small pieces of ginger and add it to some water. Boil the contents till the water becomes half of the original value. This preparation is called ginger tea.


5. Add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil to 500 ml of water and boil the ingredients for some time. After that allow it to stand still for some time. Fill the contents in a container and keep the container near your bed. The soothing fragrance of peppermint will keep you fresh.


6. Do not keep your stomach empty at any time. Intake of six small meals in place of three large ones is recommended.


7. Take 6 smaller meals rather than fewer large ones as this can reduce the effect of morning sickness.


8. Add a tablespoon each of apple cedar vinegar and honey to a glass of water and drink it to cure morning sickness.



9. Get out of bed slowly and avoid brushing your teeth on empty stomach as it is found to be helpful in morning sickness.


10. Avoid fatty foods, fried items and spicy items in your diet.


11. Soak wheat germ in hot milk and have the milk in one hour intervals to get relief from morning sickness.


12. Make a mixture of lime juice, mint juice and sugar. This decoction should be taken three times a day to cure morning sickness.


13. Eating a high protein snack at bed time is another good way to get rid of morning sickness.


14. Another effective way to treat morning sickness is to add a few drops of lavender oil and peppermint in a humidifier to get a nice fragrance in the room.


15. Drinking a glass of lemon juice first thing in the morning is also helpful.


16. Vitamin B deficiency can cause morning sickens; to avoid this from happening, eat salads, bananas, vegetables and wheat, chicken and seafood.


17. Consume foods that are rich in calcium, protein and complex carbohydrates.


18. Drinking lots of fluids and large quantities of water and fresh juice helps to keep the body temperature under control also reducing the chances of nausea or vomiting.


19. Do not be exposed to uncomfortable weather conditions.


20. Take short naps in the day which is helpful in morning sickness.


21. Get lots of fresh air.


22. Eating digestive biscuit or dry cracker is helpful in dealing with morning sickness.

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