Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is a condition in which the throat becomes sore because of inflammation of the pharynx which is the back of the throat. It is also known as Pharyngitis. Oral thrush and tonsillitis are the associated conditions of sore throat. Some times it causes white or yellowish pus on the tonsils. It can be due to a virus or bacteria infection. Most of the cases are due to viral attack while a few are due to bacterial attack. The characteristics of the two type of infection are different and to get better and quicker relief, it is better to know which type of infection you are suffering from.  The most common victims are children between the ages of 5 to 15.


The origin of a sore throat is focused upon the pharynx of the throat. After entering into the body of the victim, these micro organisms establishes contact with the tissues of the pharynx, after which they start multiplying in number.  The person may experience difficulty in swallowing when the condition becomes acute. Headache, rash and stomach pain are also seen in some cases. The neck may also become swollen and tender. Home remedies use herbs and condiments available at home for treating sore throat effectively and without side effects.


Causes of Sore Throat


1. Cold and flu caused due to influenza


2. Mononucleosis


3. Chickenpox and measles



4. Tonsillitis


5. Croup, which is a widespread early days sickness characterized by a harsh, barking cough


6. Strep throat


7. Diphtheria which is a solemn respiratory disease that is uncommon in developed nations but is more ordinary in developing countries


8. Strain on the muscles


9. Dryness in the air


10. Pollutants present in the air


11. Allergy to some of the substances


Symptoms of Sore Throat


1. Experience of pain while swallowing anything


2. Swelling in the glands around the neck region


3. Drooling saliva


4. Irritation in the throat



5. Difficulty in taking breath


6. Fever and chills


7. Slight dehydration


8. Presence of rashes


9. Hoarseness and muffing of voice


Home Remedies for Sore Throat


1. Take chamomile and steep one teaspoon of it in one cup of hot water. Strain the contents and let it open to cool to lukewarm, after gargle with it. Gargling is the best cure in the treatment of sore throat.


2. Heat milk and add a teaspoon of honey and one table spoon of butter and drink it hot. This gives a soothing effect to the sore throat.


3. Mix a pinch of salt to tea decoction and use this for gargling. This should be done three times a day for curing sore throat.


4. Another easy home remedy is to mix lemon juice and honey to warm water and drinking it for relief from sore throat.

5. Boil some basil leaves in water and drink this water. It can also be used for gargling as it is beneficial as a home remedy for sore throat.


6. The fruit Belleric Myroblan is another valuable home remedy for sore throat. The pulp of the fruit should be mixed with salt, pepper powder and honey. The other way is to cover the fruit with wheat flour and roasted used for relief.


7. Another healing herb for sore throat is Licorice. Raw licorice should be chewed as it has properties that help in curing the inflammation and soothes the throat.


8. Bishop’s seed is very beneficial remedy for curing sore throat effectively. Take an infusion of Bishop’s seed and add to it a pinch of common salt. It should be used for the purpose of gargling if the condition is very sharp.


9. Use tamarind water for gargling as it has healing properties that help. The dry leaves and bark of the tree can also be used for making the gargle.


10. Sage leaves should be boiled with water and the water after cooling should be mixed with honey and vinegar and used as gargle. It can also be taken in a dose of one teaspoon daily internally for better results.


11. Kantakari is another herb used in the treatment of sore throat. The plant can be boiled in water and used for gargling.


12. Cinnamon is a known remedy for sore throat caused by cold. Cinnamon is powdered coarsely and mixed with pepper powder and boiled with water. Add a teaspoon of honey to the extract and drink it.



13. Fenugreek is another important remedy in the treatment of sore throat. Take two teaspoons of seeds of fenugreek and add them to one liter of water. The contents should be allowed to simmer for around half an hour. After that let it allows to cool to a bearable temperature and then use it for the purpose of gargling.


14. Mango bark is a known home remedy for sore throat and any other throat problems. It can be ground with water to make a paste and applied locally. The solution mixed with water can also be used for gargling.


15. Henna leaves can be used for making a decoction that is used for gargling.


16. Take the dry leaves of tamarind and powder them properly. You can also use the infusion of the bark of the tree. Use it for the purpose of preparing a gargle. Gargling with it will surely provide you relief since tamarind has good healing powers.


17. You can also prepare gargle by mixing a teaspoon of salt in ½ cup of cider vinegar. The contents should be mixed in a cup of warm water. You should gargle with it after every 15 minutes if you got a real sore throat.


18. Avoid smoking.


Diet Recommendation


Fasting on orange juice for about 5 days is helpful in curing sore throat naturally. After the symptoms reduce, all fruit diet should be followed for 4 days. After this a well balanced diet that includes nuts, grains, seeds and raw vegetables and fresh fruits should be started.

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