Home Remedies For Tension Headaches

Through home remedy for tension headache you can get rid of the throbbing pain in your head. For temporary relief you can rub the temples to ease the intensity of the tension headache. According to statistics, around ninety percent of the adult population suffers from tension headache at some phase of their lives. And the tension headaches occur mainly as a symptom for stress. Many people resort to medications that are available over the counter to deal with tension headaches. And some people take the route of home remedies to combat tension headaches. Home remedies are a good way to treat tension headaches. The same home remedy will not work for every person who is suffering from tension headache, so it is crucial to be aware of the various types of home remedies so that you can choose the one which will give you the desired results. You might have to experiment with a couple of home remedies for tension headaches before you find your ideal match.


Massaging is one of the most popular home remedies for tension headaches. With the help of your fingertips you can massage the muscles in the shoulder area, neck, and the back. Massage oils can be used during a massaging session so that tensed muscles can get relief from the pain more quickly. Eucalyptus and jasmine oils are some of the most prominent oils which are used for massaging. Application of ice can provide relief from pain to some people whereas others like to apply heat to ward off the pain. Depending on your choice you apply the hot or cold treatment to take care of the tension headaches. If you want application of heat then using a hot water bottle on the tensed muscles in the back or neck area will be convenient as it is readily available. If you want the cold treatment then you can use an ice pack and cover in a towel before applying it on the region of your forehead.  


Deep breathing can also be accounted as a form of home remedy for tension headaches. You can start practicing deep breathing exercise whenever you tend to experience the first signs of tension headache. Stretching can also help in relieving tension headache by helping the tensed muscles to relax. The neck and shoulder area can be relaxed by moving the head from one side to another. You should repeat this exercise till the moment your shoulder and neck area is completely relaxed. Meditation can also be a great escape route for tension headaches. A brisk walk for a couple of minutes can help you to think of something pleasant, and in the meanwhile your mind can take the attention away from tension and naturally the tension headache will subside. A bad posture while working on the computer can often lead to tension headaches. So make sure that your body and the computer is aligned in the right position before you start working. You can also get a different pillow as poor sleep can sometimes be the reason for tension headache and a new pillow can solve the problem to a great extent.

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