Home Remedies to Help Prevent Slip Disc

It is said that prevention is better than cure. When you adopt a general fitness schedule or a yoga program for complete health and wellness, slip disc prevention does not need to be addressed separately. However, given that you are well informed about the symptoms of slipped disc and can listen to an alarm early, reaching an extra mile to learn some home remedies to help prevent slip disc will be an equally right approach.

But before that, let’s revise some common symptoms that may further lead to aggravated pain and get diagnosed as slip disc. A slipped disc produces serious pain in the back or neck areas. Numbness and weakness, tingling or pain in the shoulder, neck, arm and hand, pain in the buttocks, back, legs or feet, numbness and tingling around the anus and genitals and pain down the back of each leg from the buttocks to the knees and pain with movement, straining, coughing or doing leg raises are all symptoms of the slipped disc condition. 

Prevention, earlier the better 

One cannot blame growing age to be the culprit behind slip disc syndrome as an indiscipline way of living, improper posturing habits while sitting, standing or sleeping, laziness, excessive physical labor effecting back, etc. are equally or even more responsible that lead to slipped disc. Any or most of these being identified as a habit, it is always advisable to make certain healthy modifications in lifestyle, regular exercise and / or change in eating habits to decrease hardening and early breakdown of discs and improve the strength of supporting muscles. 

Home remedies to help prevent slip disc  

As staying active is the best thing to keep in mind to prevent slip disc, it is a good idea to stick to a health and fitness schedule including with special attention to a strong back, healthy neck and nervous system.
Yoga the naturopathic and most healing form for minor to severe ailments suggests special postures to help prevent slip disc. Yoga helps in better and speedy recovery from the ailment of slip disc, though as a caution, expert consultation should be stick to.
Postures or asans such as Makarasana (crocodile posture) and Pavan Muktasana (free breeze posture) help fast relief from pain caused due to slip disc. Other asanas which provide comfort for slip disc include Shlabhaasana (locust posture) and Bhujanga asana (Snake poture). Pranayama or systematic periodical breathing is an important branch of yoga and show positive effects on spine which provides pressure on various parts of our body centrally such as abdomen and chest. As a result of comfort to the abdomen & stomach muscles near stomach and the thigh get relaxed.
Morever, Pranayama or systematic breathing provides stimulation and movement to the ribs and a technically suitable pressure variation between abdominal region and chest ensure regain the distorted physique due to disc delocalization. Pranayam or yogic breathing focuses on the Prana Shakti or life force and recollects the strength scattered due to pains or exertion.
Cabbage leaves boiled in milk while applied in the form of a jelly and left overnight can beneficial in slip disc pain relieving. Application of raw potato in poultice form has been found very effective in slip disc pain.

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