Home Remedy for Appendicitis

Appendicitis is a disease of appendix leading to the inflammation of vermiform appendix. The wall of the appendix becomes weak and ruptured which results in the spillage of contents of bowel in the abdominal cavity. This disease can be a threat to life and may also result in widespread adhesion (scar tissue) forming in the pelvis and abdomen. All the cases of appendicitis require removal of the inflamed appendix either by laparoscopy or by laparotomy. It is important to note that if proper treatment is not given to the patient in time then the result is death because of shock and peritonitis. In this disease the appendix can also be filled with pus.


Causes of Appendicitis


1. Accumulation of excessive amount of poisonous waste material in the caecum


2. Increased pressure in the intestine causing pain in the abdomen


3. Impaired blood flow


4. Genetic factors if it runs in the family



5. Viral or bacterial infection in the digestive tract


6. Obstruction in the passage of food wastes


7. Impediment in the flow of a hard piece of stool


8. Impediment in the appendix lumen



Symptoms of Appendicitis


1. Severe pain in the Abdomen centre, gradually shifting towards lower right side


2. Swollen lymph nodes


3. Constipation and diarrhea


4. General discomfort



5. Digestion problems


6. Nausea


7. Mild fever in the range of 100-102 degree centigrade


8. Sneezing and coughing


9. Patient may also become clammy and pale with gradual increase in the temperature


10. Tightening of the muscles of the right side of the abdomen



Home Remedies for Appendicitis


1. 1 tablespoon of green gram every day is a proven and very fruitful remedy even for acute appendicitis.


2. Mix 300 ml of carrot juice with 100 ml of cucumber and 100 ml of beet juice. Daily intake of this juice can prove to be useful.


3. For pain relief you can tie a wet sheet and a dry flannel cloth on it tightly on the abdomen.


4. Drink plenty of water when the pain starts as it is helpful in chronic pain.


5. Consume whole wheat that includes bran and wheat gram every day to fight against appendicitis. It has miraculous properties and gives stamina.


6. If the fever does not comes down then having decoction of holy basil is a good option.


7. A combination of ginger and turmeric (both raw and powdered) gives soothing and healing effect in the appendix.



8. Add 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to 1 liter of cold water and cook on low temperature for around half an hour then strain the water. Consume the cooled extract. This is the most effective and efficient home remedy to fight against appendicitis.


9. In case the vomiting does not stop, the use of ginger is a good option. You can take it in the juice form or have pieces of raw ginger. You can also sprinkle rock salt over the ginger pieces.


10. Buttermilk is a proven home remedy for appendicitis. Drink at least one liter of buttermilk daily for 15 days.


11. A mixture of lemon juice and honey should be taken to get relief.


12. Wheat with the bran or wheat germ is good home remedies for appendicitis.


13. Taking tea made with the herb Agrimony is a helpful home remedy for appendicitis.


14. Gotu Kala is another herb that is effective in treating appendicitis.


15. Taking vegetable juice made from cucumber and beet root and other green vegetables can also provide relief.

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