Home Remedy for Bladder Infection

This is second most common disease found among people.  About 90% of victims are females around the age of 40. This is a suspected auto immune disease that occurs due to the deficiency of glycan, the substance that lines the bladder. It can also spread through sexual intercourse, prolonged use of catheters, radiation therapy or spasms of the pelvic region.

Our urine contains variety of salts and waste products but it does not contain any of the bacteria except for this disease.Men are not completely aloof of this disease. Escherichia coli are the carrier agent of bladder infections. This bacteria encroaches the urinary tract including uterus, urethra, bladder or kidney. It first enters the urethra and then procreates the urinary tract ultimately leading to bladder infections. It is indeed very painful and can lead to distress. It becomes very essential to cure it at the earlier stages otherwise it can spread up to the kidneys and become a major threat to the life.


Causes of Bladder Infection


1. The bacteria present in the digestive tract when holds on to the opening of urethra


2. During sexual intercourse, when the bacteria present in the vagina is moved inside the urethra because of the movement of penis


3. Having sex with more than one partner very often



4. Waiting too long to empty the urine off your stomach


5. Urinate for prolonged periods can cause the bladder to stretch and weaken. Owing to this it does not completely empty itself. The left out urine in the bladder can also become the cause of bladder infection.


6. Bacterial infection


7. Prolonged catheter use


8. Radiation therapy


Symptoms of Bladder Infection


1. A need to urinate very often


2. Painful urine excretion


3. Blood in the urine


4. Burning sensation while urination



5. Fever and chills


6. Nausea and vomiting


7. Pain below your rib cage


8. Excessive fatigue and weakness


9. Backache


10. Depression in females


11. Difficulty to squeeze out the complete urine out of your bladder


Home Remedy for Bladder Infection


1. Prepare a mixture of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in eight ounce of water. This solution is very effective in balancing the acid-base content in your body.


2. Drink plenty of water. It dilutes the acidic contents present in the urine and dilutes it and flushes out unwanted substances out of your body.


3. Drinking 2 glasses of the juice of pomegranate 3 times a day is effective in treating bladder infection.


4. Eating generous amounts of cabbage and garlic can alleviate bladder infection.


5. In case of acute infection, have ½ teaspoon of tincture with a gap of half hour.


6. Prepare a mixture by mixing equal parts of Buchu, Uva ursa, Echinacea and Pipsissewa tinctures. Drink 20 drops of this solution for the first 2 days and then consume 4 teaspoons of the same on a regular basis.


7. Consuming banana bark for many days till the symptoms vanish is a helpful home remedy in curing bladder infection.


8. Consume two capsules of Goldenseal or Echinacea and Oregon grape root daily to fight from the infection.


10. Cranberry juice does not allow the bacteria to stick to the wall of the lining of bladder thus preventing the infection to spread. Daily drink a cup of Cranberry juice and if you cannot drink it directly, then mix it with water and drink.



11. The juice of fresh onion is also a helpful home remedy for bladder infection.


12. Eat one spoon of dried Parsley leaves or fresh leaves can be boiled in water to make tea and drink it daily. This is a proven home remedy for bladder infection.


13. During pregnancy a helpful home remedy is to take the infusion of nettle and marigold should be consumed everyday.


14. Drinking juice of watermelon daily can help in relieving cystitis.


15. Boil lady finger and drink the juice twice daily.


16. A tea made with equal amounts of thyme and marshmallow and brewed in corn milk can be taken. Liquorice root can be added to the tea for aroma.


17. Add fruits like pineapple and orange in you daily diet to fight bladder infection.


18. Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol.


19. Boil barley in water and take the extract and add lemon juice to it. Drink this as it is a good home remedy for bladder infection.


20. Consuming yogurt everyday will keep the bladder and the urinary tract safe from infection.

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