Home Remedy for Liver Disorder

Liver is the only organ of our body that if injured, can regenerate on itself. Liver enlargement is the indication of liver disease. The liver enlargement as shows no medical symptoms. Liver cirrhosis is among the most serious hepatic disease. In this disease the size of liver reduces because of loss of cells that exceeds cell substitution.  The liver becomes hard and leathery. It can ultimately lead to the individual’s death. So, liver care cannot be ignored as it is very essential for the healthy functioning of the body.


Causes of Liver Disorder


 1. Some infections internal to the body


 2. Lack of nutrient diet


 3. Unsafe sexual intercourse



 4. Lack of immunity


 5. Large intake of chemical based medicines


 6. High doses of alcoholic beverages


 7. Long term intake of quinine


 8. Auto immune hepatitis


 9. Blockage of bile duct


Symptoms of Liver Disorder


1. Stomach ache


2. Gastritis problems


3. Reduced body weight


4. Severe illness



5. Indigestion of food


6. Yellowish skin especially eyes


7. Lack of stamina


8. Atypical urine color


9. Swollen liver


10. Fatigue


11. Constipation


12. Mental perplexity


13. Water retention


Remedies for Liver Disorder


1. Take 100 grams of water and mix lemon and salt in it. Drink it every day for 21 days.


2. A mixture of honey and Bhringaraj taken two times a day is an effective home remedy for liver disorder.


3. Every day have orange juice empty stomach for 5-7 days


4. Take 300 ml of carrot juice and mix it with 100 ml of spinach/ cucumber juice. Have this juice on a regular basis.


5. Mixture of 2 tablespoon of honey with 2 tablespoon of natural herb bhrangraj is an effective remedy to fight liver disorders.


6. Boil the roots of Dandelion in water and drink this juice. It is a good home remedy for stimulating the liver and gall bladder and detoxifies the liver.


7. Turmeric and Guduchhi are other helpful home remedies for liver care.


8. The bark of jaundice berry tree is an effective home remedy for liver disorders. The extract of this bark that is a sour tonic is taken when there is a liver problem.


9. Boil the roots of dandelion (small amount) in a glass of water for around 10 minutes and have drink. It is a very effective measure to cure liver diseases.


10. Juice of lemon and papaya is very beneficial.


11. Licorice is another useful home remedy for liver care.



12. The juice of chicory is helpful in improving the secretion of bile.


13. Enjoy eating lots of steamed beats which is very good for liver as well.


14. The decoction of the roots of the herb Gokulakanta is a good home remedy in treating liver disorders.


15. Garlic is very good for people suffering from liver diseases. It must be a common ingredient in the food of people suffering from such diseases.


16. Avoid taking buffalo’s milk; instead go for cow’s or goat’s milk.


17. Add sugar candy to 50 grams of white radish leaves and stem and have this drink every morning


18. Mash 3-4 leaves of sacred basil leaves with sugar candy and add 250 ml of water to it. This drink should be taken every morning.


19. The juice of Indian sorrel should be mixed with butter milk made from cow’s milk. This is another useful home remedy liver disease.


20. Take a white colored glass bottle and fill water in it. Keep it in sun for 6- 8 hours. It is the most easy and effective way to cure liver disorders.


21. Drink plenty of clean water to get rid of toxins.


22. Indian Aloe is another useful herb that stimulates the liver function and cures enlargement of liver.


23. Take many smaller meals instead of fewer heavy meals.


24. Eating protein rich foods like eggs and pulses is helpful.


25. The juice of carrots and spinach mixed well and taken two times daily is beneficial as a home remedy for liver cirrhosis.


Other Recommendations


1. Stay away from alcohol.


2. Yoga and Breathing exercises keep the liver as well as other organs of the body fit.


3. Limit intake of sugar and salt.


4. Fasting for a day is good for detoxification of the system.


5. Include lots of sprouts, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, beans etc. in the diet to help detoxification and protect the liver.

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