Hormonal Imbalance Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition among all genders. This usually occurs when the person reaches a certain age but it can happen anywhere in between a person’s growth years. However, one may ask what is the main cause of hair loss among men and women alike? What would cause someone to lose his hair at such a young age?

One major cause of hair loss among all genders no matter how old they may be is hormonal imbalance. According to scientific research, our body systems produce certain kinds of hormones that allow the body to function well and maintain our health and well-being.
Examples of these hormones are estrogen and progesterone for a woman and testosterone for men. If there is a severe lack of hormonal supply for the body, it affects the whole system. Hair loss is one symptom that that would tell you that you are lacking in certain types of hormones that can stimulate the hair follicles to produce a healthy amount of hair.
Hormonal imbalances may occur during pregnancy or during the menopausal stage for women. As for the men it is said to occur when the man reaches a certain age. Also, hair loss is directly linked to extreme levels of stress for both genders. 
Certain types of medical procedures like chemo therapy can also cause hair loss among cancer patients whether young or old. This is because of the radiation that affects hormonal production as well as follicular function.
It is also said that if you feel a tremendous amount of stress in your life, it is more likely that you would have normal changes in your body that would cause hair loss. To prevent this, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and have regular exercise as part of your daily routine.
Some doctors may recommend hormonal replacement therapy as a solution for your problems. However, it had been discovered that these types of medications have side effects that would affect your physical being in the long run.
This is why some health experts have turned to natural means to maintain good physical as well as mental health for people who have hair loss problems. Some men even go through various scientific procedures like placing hair implants to cover up their bald spot.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that you look presentable. However, the most important thing you have to remember is that baldness and other types of physical changes will naturally come as you grow older.
The sooner that you learn to accept this, the better it will be for you. You have to be able to learn to live within what you have if you want to have a happy and healthy lifestyle as a middle aged person. Living a healthy lifestyle that the main solution you can have for any type of imbalance in your body.
Physical exercise will help facilitate the production of any missing hormones in your body. Also, it is known to be a great way to reduce stress which had been discovered at the main cause of hormonal imbalance hair loss. 
So having a regular exercise routine and a happier disposition in life can save you from experiencing the embarrassment of losing your hair at such a young age due to hormonal imbalance. Given this, if your hair loss has been known to be due to natural causes, after natural processes like pregnancy has passed the hormones usually return to normal.
However, in case you are indeed suffering from hormone altering conditions like hyper or hypothyroidism, it is best to consult your doctor regarding the best treatment for your illness.

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My grandfather has been a slityst for about 45 years and owns a building in vermont and even has another salon in his own house. I promise you it is very likely for hair to grow faster then the average 6 inches a year (1/2 inch every month). You can however try softee natural hair products such as Indian Hemp which can be found at your local pharmacy, drug store, or walmart. You can apply this every night before bed sectioning your hair (don't over-saturate near scalp) and applying liberally to ends of your hair, These are natural products that help fortify and promote healthy hair growth they're also very inexpensive for the size of the container. Then just go to sleep and shampoo and condition in the morning you may also find your own way of how much you'd like to apply depending on hair thickness, also try wearing your hair down more. I can promise my hair was extremely short at one point due to letting my friend help me over waiting to go to vermont and have my grandpa help me and now my hair is long, and very soft. Also if you dye your hair try not dying it as it stunts hair growth.
by Hossam     08-Aug-2012

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