How Can Diabetes Be Managed

One should have a full knowledge about the health cycle of the body and it as follows: it takes food to get energy-converts into blood- processed by heart- then pumped into lungs-purified- blood circulation is purified with oxygen- insulin is secreted- blood glucose is converted into energy- this leads to tiredness-hence takes again the food for energy.

If there is any problem in the cycle, it may result in lack of secretion of insulin by pancreas, kidney failure, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, severe back pain, numbness of limbs and various problems related to heart. Hence, an individual should know to manage diabetes.

Stress management

Depression and stress are very closely associated with diabetes and uncontrolled emotional behavior makes the condition worse. At the level of mind the stress affects the normal function of the blood circulatory system, which is continued on pancreas, hence affects the insulin secretion required to convert the blood glucose into energy and results in deposition of excess sugar. Hence, it is important to control stress to prevent diabetes.

Other ways to reduce high blood sugar and manage diabetes are

  • To avoid tension, attend the regular and daily duties and activities with pre-plan.
  • Try taking things positively and easily.
  • Diverting the mind for an aesthetic cause.
  • Make yourself free from over anxieties and give away disappointments.
  • Try to become an optimistic rather than becoming a pessimistic.
  • Prevent yourself from imagining anything, and do not neglect the risk factors related to diabetes.
  • Feel better than others with diabetes.  
It is stated from dialectologists and nutrition experts that the most preventive measure for keeping away yourself from diabetes is keeping a check on your diet. Eating low carbohydrate, low calorie and low fat diet is the best way to manage diabetes, if you are suffering from it.

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