How Do Antioxidants Work

Did you ever think about free radicals and the potential damage that they can cause to a human? You should understand this as free radicals can slowly but surely deplete the wellbeing of the human body. Free radicals can accelerate the ageing process and make you vulnerable to various types of diseases. As free radicals are also a result of the normal metabolic activity, it is important not to consume too much food as a habit. When the level of free radials is found in controlled amounts inside the body, it will weaken microorganisms that are not good for the body. It can also reduce the toxic amount in the human system. 


Though controlled amounts of free radicals have advantages, uncontrolled amounts can damage the body tissues and pave way for different ailments. To protect the human body from different kinds of threats posed by free radicals, it is vital to include food items that are rich in antioxidant content in the regular diet. Those who have the habit of consuming whole grain cereals everyday during breakfast are actually doing the best thing. In addition to strengthening the body, the healthy cereal breakfast also eliminates free radicals.


It is quite important to consume several servings of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and leafy green vegetables. These foods provide electrons to the unstable free radicals thus neutralizing them. As free radicals can cause cancer and other diseases associated with the heart and brain, it is necessary to make it a habit to follow a diet that has vegetables known for good antioxidant benefits.


The underlying fact behind antioxidant foods is that they have potent substances namely lycopene, beta-carotene, and various vitamins. It is common knowledge that vitamins play an important role in supporting various functions of the body. As they can neutralize free radicals, they have dual benefits. In fact, antioxidant rich food has been proven in their effectiveness for preventing different types of cancer. While adopting a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food, it is also essential to stop smoking. Smoking can increase the production of free radicals in the body.


The harmful effect of the free radicals is attributed to its reactive nature which needs to b neutralized on a daily basis. Otherwise the damage caused by the free radicals will result in severe damage to the body. If a significant amount of damage has been already caused, it will become quite difficult or even impossible to reverse the damage that has been caused.


As the nutritional benefits of seeds and nuts are already known, you should make conscious efforts to include them in the diet. You can eat mangoes when it is available in abundance and for similar benefits, you can eat pumpkin during other times. You can also consume guava and watermelon when they are in season. Fresh fruits are rich in Vitamin C and a good example is orange, lemon and other citrus fruits. Vitamin C boosts a human’s immunity system.

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