How Do I Get Rid Of Frown Lines

There are many things which make us frown. But too much frowning might cause trouble in the long run! Frowning causes frown lines on the forehead or on the corners of the mouth to the chin. It mostly happens as we grow old, but can also happen at a young age. Luckily there are various ways today to prevent and decrease frown lines.  

Two proteins Collagen and Elastin keep our skin together. They make sure that when you pull your skin and let go of it, the skin goes back to its original shape. But as age increases, the production of these proteins decreases. So after the frown the skin does not go back to its original shape, thus causing frown lines.
Particles found in the environmental pollution, glaring sunlight without UV sunlight, exposure to various chemicals and saggy skin can be called some of the causes of frown lines. 

There are many ways to prevent frown lines such as

  • Applying Moisturizers. Make sure it reaches every corner of the forehead
  • Sunlight is one of the major causes of frown lines. Applying sunscreen to prevent further lines is advisable. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays
  • Due to the same theory, wearing sunglasses is advisable every time you leave the house
  • The involuntary tendency of frowning is most while working or while on the computer; a thin tape can be put across the forehead during this time to reduce frowning
  • Drink lots of water and fresh juices and avoid caffeine
  • A diet with lots of Vitamins can be very helpful. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids keep the skin supple, reducing the tendency of frown lines. 

There are various ways to remove these lines

Use of face creams containing retinoid, basically vitamin A, can help. Your physician or the chemist can advise you on which cream to use. The effects can be seen after about 2 months. Retinoid rejuvenates the cells at the lower layers of the skin. Retinoid can be harsh, thus should be applied once in 2 days and can make the skin red. Thus sunscreen should be applied while using it

Botox treatments are another very popular way of reducing frown lines. The effects last from 3 to 6 months
Use of dermal fillers like restylane or juvederm reduces frown lines. They fill into depressed region of the skin and wrinkles get eliminated. Effects of fillers last up to 6 months
Anti wrinkle creams help by plumping up the skin, thus reducing the lines. The effects, however, are temporary.
Nobody can stay 18years old, all life. Aging and its effects are inevitable and a happy disposition is what can keep you young forever.  Of course, taking good care of the skin also helps.
Two proteins made in our body, elastin and collagen help the skin come back to shape after frowning. When their production in the body decreases through age, it causes frown lines. Frown lines are not a pretty sight and can sometimes cause headaches.

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