How Does Stretching Relieve Stress

We often think that how does stretching helps in relieving stress? The answer lies in the fact that through stretching the tensed muscles in the body can relax and we can experience a calming effect throughout the body. If we have good knowledge about which particular muscle to stretch then we can get relief from stress very quickly, because we will only concentrate on those muscles which cause stress in the body. During stretching the flow of blood in the body increases and this plays a very crucial role in retaining the overall muscular health. Stretching is therapeutic in nature because it helps the mind to calm down and provide quick relief from stress.  

If your work requires you to spend most of your time in the day near the computer then your muscles are bound to get tensed and the additional the mental stress will also take a toll on your body. So after every hour you should take a small break for some light stretching exercises so that both your body and mind can relax. When the stress reduces in your mind, then you will be able to become more focused and productive in your work. It is necessary to practice only those stretching moves through which your body does not feel too tired or else the fatigue will add more stress in your mind.
You can practice certain stretching exercises to control and reduce the stress from both your body and mind. You can practice back stretch by lying on your back (position yourself on the floor) and put your legs up on a chair. Your arms should be kept straight and you should remain in this position till the time you do not feel the lack of tension in your lower back. Shoulder and back stretch can be practiced by placing your shoulder on a towel (which is wrapped in the shape of a log). The arms should be stretched by your sides and the knees must be pulled up in such a manner that your feet can remain in contact with the floor. Pilates is a popular form of stretching exercise and it can help you to remove stress from the muscles. Yoga is a wonderful example of stretching exercise because yoga uses both the combination of stretching and breathing exercises. The former helps in relieving the stress from the body and the later helps in wiping the stress from the mind. If you are a beginner then you should start practicing yoga under the guidance of a reputed teacher and do not over exert yourself during the first few days of the practice as the body needs time to acquire better flexibility. You can do stretching exercises many times a day and each exercise should last for at least five minutes. With daily practice of stretching exercise one can not only get relief from stress but he can also improve his stamina and productivity. Once the body is kept away from stress then all the diseases that are caused mainly due to stress can also be avoided.

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