How Kareena Kapoor Attained Zero Size


Zero as a number never had a value. But when digits were added before the number ZERO, it gave birth to a Value. When we go down the memory lane, whenever people visualized a movie actress… she had to be fair, tall, pretty, and a voluptuous figure to reveal. Even the yester year heroines had a broad healthy figure. People, never in their wildest dreams ever thought of celebrities being thinner than they were. Generations changed, people changed, mentalities changed, outlook changed, and FIGURES changed.


Kareena Kapoor’s Size zero Figure


The new era gave rise to a whole new figure oriented concept called “SIZE ZERO”. When people think about size zero, the first actress that pops in their mind is Kareena Kapoor. This pretty, young, dynamic and healthy ‘Punjab ki Kudi’, invented the newest figure in the kingdom of Bollywood, although actresses like Sonam, Sonu Walia and Sonali Bendre did enjoy this category, but Kareena Kapoor’s “Size Zero” glory lasted for a longer time. Her remarkable determination, commitment and confidence towards attaining the slimmest figure stand out as an example to the “Weight-strugglers”. Speculations spread across the ordinary people like wild fire. People started assuming about her going under the knife, or crash yo-yo diets, therapies, figure corrections and many more.


Rujuta Diwekar- a Famous Dietician Guides Kareena Kapoor



As we say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. The woman was there, behind another woman… and that was a very well known nutritionist and dietician Rujuta Diwekar. She took up the challenging of reinventing Kareena Kapoor and she was successful. Rujuta believes in eating the right at the right time, and in a healthy way. Foods like cheese, burgers, fried stuffs, rich and creamy stuffs and the typically traditional ‘ghee soaked’ Punjabi meals, had to back into the kitchen archive and fresh fruits, vegetable based salads, yogurts, soups and plenty of liquids had come into the forefront of the kitchen.


An End to Junky Diet for Kareena


Kareena had bid a tearful farewell to junk foods, but she sportingly embraced vegetarian foods. Every single morsel of food that was consumed was weighed on the calorie scale. Her “Only-shooting” schedule was transformed into an “Exercise and shooting” schedule. Kareena Kapoor became the youth icon due to her figure ‘to die for’. She made it a point to convey to her admiring teenagers, only to STARVE on junk foods and NOT on healthy foods. Her food menus were loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and other useful supplements. Another key to her size zero figure was rigorous exercise regime.




Daily Exercise Routine of Kareena Kapoor


Her daily exercise agendas consisted of yoga, cardio, and muscle toning exercises. Kapalbharti, as per Kareena, is one such breathing exercise that stimulates weight loss even more. She has set the trend of good features, along with a healthy, svelte figure and as it a known fact that, weight loss contributes to a healthy living, and also control ageing up to a certain extent. Kareena also gives credit to powerful surya namaskars for her slim figure.


For some movies, Kareena Kapoor did gain a few inches, but now for her latest movie, she is back with a bang with “ready to kill” zero figure!


What are “size Zero” Measurements?


Zero size is a fashion jargon describing a woman who has a bust size of 31.5 inches, a waist of 23 inches and hips of 32 inches. The beautiful Kareena Kapoor is one of the top actors in Bollywood (Hindi films made in Bombay) and is known to have reduced to size zero for a certain film. 


Secret of Kareena Kapoor Weight loss 


This formerly chubby actor (who weighed 132 pounds) surprised everyone with her sudden commitment to weight loss and successfully attained a slim, svelte figure. Those who could not ‘figure’ out the secret of her successful weight loss speculated that she went on a crash diet and was too weak after that. There were reports that the actor fainted frequently during shooting too.There were rumours that she underwent bariartic surgery, which is not true


However, Rujuta Diwekar, Dietician and Nutritionist, who was consulted by the actor, since May 2007, claims that Kareena lost weight in a healthy manner by eating the right food and working out the right way. 


Diet changeover for kareena by Rujuta Diwarker


At the outset Kareena instructed her dietician that she would not go into crash diets or any unhealthy means to lose weight as she was a popular icon for millions of teenagers in India. She did not want to mislead them into thinking about starving or going on crash diets to lose weight. 


The vegetarian actor, instead, gave up her favorite meals consisting of parathas (fat enriched flat breads), cheese, pasta, Chinese and Thai cuisines and bananas. She switched over to a nutritious vegetarian diet, consisting of soups, fruits, yoghurt, vegetable salads, and plenty of fluids that had exactly the number of calories required.


The meals were planned in a manner that the actor received the right amount of nutrition with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and optimal supplements. 


Exercise Fitness Routine for Kareena Kapoor by Payal Gidwani


Meals were supplemented with two hours of power yoga (vigorous, fitness based yoga) practice. Payal Gidwani, Kareena’s fitness trainer says that the actor would do 50 Surya Namaskars in one session of workout. Sometimes she managed a 100 with many variations.  



What is Surya namaskar, how is Surya Namaskar Done


Surya Namaskar literally translates to saluting the sun. This yoga exercise is believed to be beneficial for the mind and body. To practice it you make full use of almost 95% of the muscles in your body. This keeps the muscles fit and smoothly functional. It is most effective if performed early in the morning on an empty stomach. In fact 50 Surya namaskars are equivalent to 100 sit-ups and pull-ups! There are twelve steps to complete the exercise. One Surya Namaskar consumes 2.3 Kilocalories of energy.  


The schedule Of Yoga For Kareena Kapoor



The yoga schedule, that was one or one and a half hours long, consisted of


1. Warm up


2. Surya Namaskar


3. Yoga focused on exercising/strengthening any two parts of the body including


4. Naukasana for abs


5. Bhujangasana for back


6. Parvatsana for arms


7. Virabhadra for legs


Cool down consisting of Pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation. Kareena, it is said, performed about 500 kapalbhatis every day. Kapalbhati is a weight loss focused breathing exercise


Some believe that Kareena practiced Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga. This exercise was designed by Bikram Choudary in the seventies. It is performed in a room that has 40% humidity and is raised to 105 degrees F. The one and a half hour session includes a couple of breathing routines and 26 different yoga postures. 


It is encouraging to see that you can attain an ideal weight, remain healthy and look gorgeous all at the same time, with the right kind of planning going into what you eat and how you work out. 


Attaining the ideal weight can be strenuous and well near impossible if you are planning to starve or go on a crash diet. Kareena Kapoor believed in sensible eating and regular hours of workouts in the form of power yoga to lose weight and still remain healthy.

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I read all contain bt i think this all are related kareena n her figur... bt 4 my fitness n my figur u must have to know my stemina n my capasity , n i m healthy can i judge my self dat witch kind of nutritious my body requir???? plz help me how to reduse weight n get 0 figure..... i m waiting 4 ur answer.... thx
by Isha     19-Feb-2012
kareena is best good cool sexy beautiful and many more.. looking in size u tel me actual diet plan???? to gt siz 0 like bebo....?
by mrudula     19-Feb-2012
i like ur films, dresess ie how you dress up in press meetings nd i saw ur body gaurd film it was good.all the best for your future projects bye
by shwetha R     19-Feb-2012
by thilini     19-Feb-2012
According to me Kareena Kapoor has the most beautiful health in the world. Her every health related activity is awesome. She is my most favourite actress.
by RUDRAKI RAKSHIT     19-Feb-2012
According to me Kareena Kapoor has the most beautiful health in the world. Her every health related activity is awesome. She is my most favourite actress.
by RUDRAKI RAKSHIT     19-Feb-2012
simply gr8
by Devendra     19-Feb-2012
wow!!!hats of 2sweet kareena
by satinder kaur     19-Feb-2012
karina ka figer fit hay
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karina ka figer fit hay
by danish     19-Feb-2012
first is my exercise regular so my weight is loose without exercise not loose the weight
by AKSHRA     19-Feb-2012
me bht preshan ho please mujy tips batae lekin urdu me
by hina     19-Feb-2012
i svare its not even funnny i too want to look gud nd thin and being bought up in the sindhi family dam i wished i could become as thin as her
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its great
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kareena kapoor is the best heroin in the world i love kareena kapoor and my name is also kareena .
by kareena soni     19-Feb-2012
It is great to see kareena after she loose weight,to read about her exercise and diet is also very interesting.she is a real ideal for youths.i would like to follow yoga after reading this.thank you.
by Pooja Dandekar     19-Feb-2012
really kareena is best actress in bollywood har body is nice fit and fitness i wish she culd have stay for the same.
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kareena i really like ur reel life....parde parto aap kisi ko bhimaat dene ke capacity rakhate hai.....wish u all the best for new life.....
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Helo ma'am. I realy adore u a lot:-) ur natural beauty n innoceny adds up to ur personalityB-) ur acting skils r realy grt. . I 2 wnt 2 luk lyk u n wil try up n folow the tips whch u did. . I hp it wrks wth me also. . May god bls u n fulfil al ur dreams. . Al da bst for ur lyf aheadB-)<3<3
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Kareena i like u Can u suges to me the about diet
by Vikas     06-Mar-2012
u r amazing bebo!!!!!!!!!!!cn u gve me ur zero figre?
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hiii plz tell me nd suggest me for loose weight nd zero size
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hi,Iam 57 kgs and i want to reducce to 45 kgs.I joined zym for 6 month bt did not reduce much because i dont sweat much.Please tell me the exact diet n yoga which can help me to reduce weight and tummy..waiting for your reply..
by toshika     21-Apr-2012
Kareena, really u are very smart and dashing. Keep it up.
by Palak     21-Apr-2012
to know the best weight loose and healthy diet plan , i bet you its time for you to get zero size... only the consistent people can get their goals
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hello miss.....kareena kapoor..i thnk i am the one and only best fan of yours!!!!I really admire your acting, your diet, your beauty and all...u r the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!i didn't use to believe on any film actor?actresses..but after your entry...i really admire them..specially you... Ur like more than a sister to me....i don't know..anyways...this is a very adequate diet plan that u have been following....i would also use it if i would need sooo,but i am already in shape.............u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo charming...pleasing..attractive...and magnificent...stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!may God bless you and all you desire!!!!!!!i wish to see you..but i am sure i one day know nothing is bigger than why not to hope when you can't actually have something right know...any way have a very pleasant and joyful life....HOPE to.SEE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you are the best heroin in the world ill enjoy your movie and of course i love your figure
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hi, kareena u r my idol mujhe bhii apke jaisa hi wait reduce krna haii but itss 2 deficult aisi bahut si chize haii jinke bare mein mujhe naii pata meine already gym join kr kr rakha haii meine apka pura schedule pada bt meri whole body mein sabse jada wait meri upper body mein haii dat mean breast aur mujhee bhutt oferd feel hota haii meri age abhii sirf22 haii aur mere age meine mere kisi bhii freind k itne breast naii haii kyaa ap mujhee plzz koii help karogee plzzzzzz
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Thanks, kareena 4 ur wonderful tips to maintai zero figure. i dont no why but i like u so much.all the best 4 ur future.
by swapna.     15-Jun-2012
you are always looks beautiful
by kanchan     22-Jun-2012
u r ma fav actress ever. u r simply beautiful. ur d real indian beauty.plz can u give me some nice advices 2 reduce d weight???
by Chetana Rathi     26-Jun-2012
Dear CHETANA, The best way to reduce weight is to maintain the balance between the input and output i.e. food that you are taking should be balanced by the workouts you are doing. So, the first thing to do is to keep a check on the diet that you are taking. Avoid anything that leads to extra fat deposition like carbohydrates, excess of fats and junky diet...Try to incorporate more of fresh and organic stuff. Rest regarding workouts you can go for yoga early in the morning and among them also suryanamaskar is the best...for more info on surya namaskar you can visit the link...
by admin     26-Jun-2012
by khushi     27-Jun-2012
evn i used to do 500 kapalbhatis.. n mut say its amazing... really. bt due to my laziness in btwn i dun somtimes i just dont..
by vaishali     15-Jul-2012
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gr8 yr..........
by zoya     15-Aug-2012
my i very healthy and very fond of eating i am 80kgs and when i dont eat i lose my temper and my body temperature is very high i dont know why.
by Sapna     21-Sep-2012
Hi Sapna, First of all let me tell you that eating doesn't make you go fat but whenever you overeat or eat bad foods rich in fats and cholesterol and when the balance between the food you take and the work out you do isn't balanced enough then the extra fats start depositing. And there is no such connection b/w not eating and losing temper, its just a reason your body has developed to eat. So, you need to have a strong will power to stop this reflex other wise you might face disasterous future effects. You most probably might be suffering from a problem of hypertension. So, you should take care of the diet you take. Consume less of salt in your food. To know more about hypertension you can visit the link...
by admin     21-Sep-2012
mam i like your dressing sense but i wants to know how do you mantain your slim and fit body...vivek kapoor
by vivek kapoor     24-Sep-2012
Hi Vivek, Being slim and fit is not an easy talk neither it is too tough. You need to have a strong determination. First thing is to cut down on the bad foods that you are taking. It includes pizzas, burgers, cold drinks etc. I am not saying to abruptly cut them as it is impossible task but do it gradually. Start feeding your body on a well balanced diet including fresh fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water. Also start doing workout. Doing exercise early in the morning is very beneficial, even if you are doing a mere jogging. For more info on fitness tips you can visit our link...
by admin     24-Sep-2012

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